Duke’s Oceanfest Hawaii Longboard Results

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The 19th annual Duke’s OceanFest is a water events celebration in Waikiki in honour of the great waterman Duke Kahanamoku. The multi-sport event has been happening on the shores of famous Queen’s beach over the last week and wrapping up on Sunday 24th August, The Duke’s Birthday, at the peak of the Hawaiian Summer.

A fantastic week of team and individual events that encourages fun and Aloha. It is a format that should be replicated in all surfing countries to bring back the spirit and sense of community associated with traditional surfing.

Events included in the 2014 Duke’s OceanFest included Surfing, SUP, One Mile Ocean Swim, Lifeguard Competition, Surfboard Waterpolo, Paddle Boarding, Beach Volleyball and Beachfront Lu au.

We will wrap up all results as the event comes to a close, but here are the Women’s Longboard finals results from today…

Women’s ASP 1-Star Longboard Results

  1. Geodee Clark
  2. Megan Godinez
  3. Honolua Blomfield
  4. Stacia Ahina

It was a very tight final with the final positions coming down to the buzzer in 2 foot on shore swell. All the girls using the waves to the best of their advantage and pulling off a number of high-scoring manoeuvres including Geodee Clark’s final combination nose ride and solid turns to take the win from Megan Godinez who moved her board up and down the face with precision.

Stacia Ahina / Duke's OceanFest 2014

Stacia Ahina / Duke’s OceanFest 2014

Dukes OceanFest Womens Longboard Finals

Womens 1-Star Longboard Finalists


Considered Hawaiian Royalty and respected in the upmost by much of the world for spreading Hawaiian Aloha and introducing surfing to countries such as Australia in 1914, The Duke’s legacy also extends as a coveted Olympian. Between 1912 and 1932 Duke won 6 Olympic medals in swimming and was the first person to be inducted to both the International Swimming Hall of Fame and the International Surfing Hall of Fame.

His life as a waterman wasn’t just in competition, there are many famous rescues that he performed including a boating accident in California where he used his surfboard to rescue 8 people from drowning.Duke Kahanamoku passed away from a heart attack aged 77 in 1968.

* With the completion of the event we will bring you the wrap up of all events. Stay tuned.


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