Discover Surf Cross Training Techniques with the High Performance Surf Centre in Sydney

17th February 2015 

The famous Manly Surf School has branched out recently to provide surfers with the opportunity to develop their skills and strength out of the water by building a surf specific cross training facility in Cromer, north of Sydney. Manly Surf School founder Matt Grainger wanted to create a space that combined strength training with specialist techniques like an indoor skate ramp, olympic sized trampoline and Surf-Set balance boards for the surf community to access and help to push them into the new realm of surf training.

Local girls Sophia Bernard and Bella Grainger rip in the water and Bella carves up the skate ramp like it’s no one’s business so surely this kind of training is goof for your surfing… we wanted to know more so went to hang out with them for the day.

Although the centre is surf specific there are many areas of the cross training that are effective for any water sports and it’s a great way to get a good perspective on the work that can be done on other areas of your fitness to help push your performance and make you feel better in how you are carrying out the motion.

More and more surf centres and surf specific training programs are being set up and they look and sound awesome but what really is the benefit of having the cross training facilities? The training facility is for surfers of all levels who want to improve their surfing, health and fitness. There is a team of experienced personal trainers and surf coaches who offer surf specific; one on one sessions, group classes and customised programmes to help transform the way you move – and therefor improve you surfing.

What we are really interested in is the fun stuff right!? The custom indoor skate ramp and trampoline are a big kids dream, surely the help with your surfing…but how?

Sophia Bernard who has been competing on the Junior and Qualifying Tour says “On a wave you don’t get the repetition to perfect certain skills, here with the skate ramp and trampoline you can practice your grabs and spins, you can work out where your body is supposed to be in the air over and over. You can be in here all day doing rep after rep to perfect a move and take it back out in the water and know exactly what your capable and what your body should be doing.”

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What’s the best way to utilise the skate ramp to improve your surfing? “With the skate ramp when you get in here we say ‘don’t skate the ramp, surf the ramp’ and that really helps to keep it connected in your head.”

There’s another great surfboard looking device here what’s it for and what can you do with it? “The Surf Set is a surfboard simulation that’s great for balance, landing, turns, loaded re-entries, bottom turns, basically any move where your body is in a weird position you can strengthen your body to be able to handle them and know exactly how to pull them off in the waves. Basically all the equipment we have in here is to get your body strengthened in the most practical ways to enhance your surfing and surf related muscles. If you go into the gym and smash weights out your body gets conditioned for specific gym related movements but they don’t help your surfing.”

You can come and check out the centre for yourself; Join in a free training session this SATURDAY 21st FEBRUARY between 11am-12 noon and 12noon – 1pm. Call Manly Surf School on +612 9932700 or Matt on +61418 717 313

Visit the High Performance Surf Centre website

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