Mia McCarthy

A Dad & Daughter Surf Trip On One Of The World’s Best Coastlines


There’s no denying Western Australia has some of the most stunning coastal landscapes on earth. Mia McCarthy doesn’t deny it. The waves are big, beautiful and mostly isolated but they have a power in them drawn in from the vast Indian Ocean that conjures up large, long interval swells. If you grow up in the west, you can handle and appreciate the true force of the ocean.

Mia McCarthy is 18 years old. She grew up in the iconic town of Margaret River in the south west of Australia’s biggest state and under the watchful eye of her dad Matt, she took to the water naturally. “Dad got me into surfing when I was 12.” Said Mia. “I paddled out on his board caught a wave all by my self and from then on I was hooked. Pretty sure I’ve surfed every day since! Dad has pushed me into so many waves. We’re always together and we love surfing together.”

Mia McCarthy

Mia finishing up the Squid on her dad’s new board.

This week the two checked the forecast and when nothing but onshore winds showed up they packed up and headed north. North really is north. They hit the road for just over 600km, about 11 hours drive to one of their favourite spots, Kalbarri.  “We saw it showing a nice size swell perfect winds. Dad and I both love it here! Jakes Point is an awesome wave. It’s really fast and steep with such a long wall. Keeps you on your toes. Whenever we see it’s going to be good, we pack the car and zip up the coast.”

In the car, Mia admits the landscapes are breathtaking, especially the hundreds and hundreds of kilometres of canola, so bright and yellow. “They are grown up north because of the amazing sunshine all year round.”

as they pulled up among the red dust of the point, they realised the forecast had been accurate. Perfect peeling waves poured down from the long point. “We couldn’t get our wetsuits on quick enough!” She said. “The paddle out is a bit tricky, you have to time it really well with the sets so you don’t get washed over the rocks. Then once you’re out there it’s just beautiful. A pod of dolphins swam past and a whale breached.” As the sun shone over the crisp, clear, winter ocean having a great time and taking moment after moment taking it all in as consistent set waves were coming through. “They were steep, fast, clean, long walls. Super rippable and the best fun!”

For her week away she’s packed up two 5’8 and two 5’10 Firewire boards, all roundtail pin custom shapes. “I love my Firewire boards. Today I was riding my 5’8 rounded pin which goes awesome in steep powerful waves. Just the right match for these conditions.”

After the week of waves come to an end and her and her dad load up the boards and journey back to the south, she’ll pick right back up on her other love, painting. And why wouldn’t you pick up a paint brush when you live in the west. You’ve got the most brilliant, natural inspiration in the world.

Mia is supported by Billabong & Firewire Surfboards

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Mia McCarthy Paintings

The original works of Mia McCarthy