The Creative Life of a Marine Biologist

dr RACHAEL marshall _PROFILE

By Dr Rachael Marshall

To live a creative life,

we must lose our fear of being wrong”

– JC Pearce

I’m a marine biologist and I’m a painter. In a nut shell this means that through my work I’m blessed enough to visit some beautiful places and see extraordinary things. I used to get so focused on capturing that perfect underwater shot, with the perfect light, that brings out the perfect colour balance and pops of creativity that would gain admiration from people for a split second. Until I discovered that when you have a paint brush in your hand you can create so much more than the perfect photo; you can create a dream, a sea of imagination, of underwater mystery and grandeur.

If I take a camera with me now, it’s to remind me of the places that inspire me and be-still me. From there I create an underwater insight into the magic and silence of the marine world. The beautiful thing about painting underwater scenes is that many don’t know what lies beneath, and in doing so you’re opening another world to them like another dimension. How can that be anything but awesome?

middle of the water art



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