Our Contributing Marine Scientist, Rachael is Heading to Antarctica

Our contributing marine scientist is heading to Antarctica – and it’s all in a bid to elevate women in leadership roles across the globe!




Our very own Dr Rachael Marshall has been selected to accompany 42 women from around the world on the “Homeward Bound” expedition to Antarctica in January 2016. Homeward Bound is a state of the art leadership and strategic program that endeavours to elevate the role of women in leadership globally; demonstrate how polar science informs us about the health of our planet and explores how women at the leadership table might give us a more sustainable future.

Along the voyage a team of globally acknowledged scientists will share valuable insights into the complex environmental systems our world relies on whilst fostering a ‘think tank’ environment for the 42 participants from an array of science research and communication backgrounds. Here they will gain pragmatic skills to influence decision makers and an improved ability to deal with sensitive, difficult or political discussions.

The voyage will also form part of an exciting new documentary series which follows the whole process from selection to induction, the voyage to the return, captured by a team of leading Australian documentary makers. This film will shine a light on the global crisis that is the profound shortage of women in leadership, encouraging a ripple effect of change to address this imbalance.

Rachael, at 30 years of age, has worked across a number of areas in marine science in her short career to date and has seen a lot in the process, met and worked with folk from all walks of life, and has been involved first hand in policy development right down to grass roots on ground environmental management and she knows there is much more in store. She is a woman that is inspired, intelligent, creative, and follows her heart and dreams with vulnerability, a great model for all the mermaids out there. I have known Rachael for 20 years and believe she will make a difference in her lifetime, but she needs your help.

Homeward Bound is funding the Antarctic Program; however Rachael is relying on the generosity of anyone and everyone to help her cover the cost of her place on the ship – $15,000USD by June 2015. The Mermaid Society is backing Rachael all the way, she is a valued member of our community and we are here to support her in any way we can! Please go to  and donate whatever you can to ensure Rachael gets a seat at that table.

Rachael will keep us up to date throughout the year leading up to, during and post voyage as it gains momentum. She will introduce you to some very influential woman and she will share her experience, an opportunity too good to miss!



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