Clip of the Week with Holly Beck on How to Duck Dive

When I learnt to duck dive my whole world of surfing opened up, every part of my surfing changed; fitness, paddle strength, reading the ocean and riding the wave. Now instead of catching just a couple of waves before leaving the water tired and fed up I was catching more than a handful and improving on every wave. Some girls never have a surf lesson beyond their beginner lesson so a lot of their surfing is self taught or felt through and something like a duck dive tutorial can fast track your early development on a short board more than you can know.

Here Holly Beck Obermeyer runs you through techniques of duck diving as part of the surf retreat she works for at Surf With Amigas in Northern Nicaragua located in Central America. They run retreats that encompass all areas of surfing development including surf skills and training, yoga and equipment recommendations. Check out their page and follow them on instagram @surfwithamigas

A great little educational Clip of the Week

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