Clip of the Week with Caity Griffin in the Maldives x Morocco

The girl has style… She’s Caity Griffin, she’s 23 and from San Diego, CA and she surfs like she’s straight out of the 70s. She travels the world in the search for perfect waves like these. Nice viewing for a Wednesday, or any day in fact.

If you’ve never surfed the Maldives or Morocco you’ll be buying your ticket after seeing this CLIP OF THE WEEK.


Your surfing is amazing…how does surfing fit into your life? I’m from Cardiff By The Sea in San Diego California. Surfing has been apart of my life for longer than I can remember, I first stood up on a board when I was 3 years old and started competing when I was 7. Surfing and the sea have been the most extraordinary and fulfilling parts of my journey so far; taking me to some magical places and connecting me with amazing surfers and fellow lovers of the ocean.

What boards are you using in the clip? In the Maldives section I was riding a 5’7 Cordell super thin light standard shortboard, it’s really responsive on smaller waves but I’m still getting used to such a tiny board for me. Also, a 5’8 SharpEye which is a bit fatter and thicker. This is my favorite board I’ve had in a while, it works in any conditions and its nice and slide-y like a skateboard.

In Morocco I was riding a 5’11” Merrick, it was a used board I bought in Kuta, Bali and of course since it’s a Merrick it provided me with some perfect waves and quite a few memorable barrels.. shes dead now though… Thanks to DK Sunsport for providing me with the best sunscreen ever- no parabens and all ingredients are from the dead sea. Also, Salt Gypsy for being such an inspiring company creating colorful stylish surf wear, and for revolutionizing women’s surf culture.

caity griffin maldives

What lead you to these amazing breaks? Looks like you scored in both locations with 4-6 foot waves they look perfect… I spent the summers of 2012 & 2013 living and working in the Maldives on a resort as a surf guide. It was the best thing I could have ever done, and after 2 seasons of working it was time to visit as a guest with no schedule:) I was in the Southern atolls for 5 weeks in July and surfed some of the best, empty, most beautiful waves I’ve ever seen. The coral was out of this world, along with the endless stretches of uninhabited islands placed upon glass pristine water. In September I was on a boat trip with about 20 Israelis in North Male anchored at Cokes and Chickens. We scored the best swell of the season, the big, glassy left in the video is chickens and in all the time I worked there I never saw it so perfect.

Morocco was my first cold water surf trip and it was completely last minute -We bought the flight a couple hours before and had my friend Mikayla drive me to LAX at 3am (love her). There were a few not so good days, and a few days that I will never forget. My last session at Rasleffa in Safi turned on, was so glassy and the sets were easily double overhead. Its such a long right you’re exhausted after a good one. The vibe in Morocco is intoxicating from the Arabian deserts being trekked by camels, to the small town of Sidi Kaoki where you feel as if you’ve gone back in time, or gone to a different planet.

In the Maldives section, you do some little 360s how do you do them on a thruster? They look so cool! Thank you! When I was living in the Maldives I decided I wanted to learn how to do a 360, so every day big or small, windy or glassy I was trying over and over again. I heard from a friend that Carissa Moore took out her middle fin to learn the motion and to spin around easier. So that’s what I did for a couple weeks and by the time I put the middle fin back in I understood the rotation and where on the wave is the best spot for it- which is really right on the lip where it feels like it might break on you.

You put all your pressure on your back foot as you turn with your body, head, and arms towards the wave and get really low once your facing the wave you change your weight to your front foot with your knees bent, and then the board will naturally twist you back around.

caity griffin maldives surfing

Which parts of the Maldives are featured and which are your favourite? Most of the lifestyle Maldives footage is from the Southern atolls, it was my first time in this area and I fell head over heels in love with this place. My favourite wave was called Machines, it’s a right hander that looks like mini-Tahiti or something. The reef is so vibrant and alive swarming with hundreds of colourful fish and turtles. The water was like glass and when you pull into a barrel there you can see the coral reef and fish through the wave. It’s unreal, really like something I’ve never experienced before. Also, we scored a bit of a secret left for a week near Guraidhoo island. There were only 4 of us out the whole time and I got the longest backhand barrel i ever made:)

Where in Morocco did you go and what were the conditions and culture like to surf in? I was mostly in Safi surfing Rasslefaa a right that breaks out far curving around cliff and rocks. It’s a bit intimidating at first paddling out trying not to get smashed back into the rocks. One of the first times surfing there with my boyfriend we encountered some pretty heavy locals that were not afraid to tell us to not surf the outside break.

Usually as a girl I can get away surfing anywhere, but here they were not having it.. If you weren’t from there, you had to respect. Thankfully my boyfriend has been there many times and has some good local friends who backed us up in the water. We also surfed a spot called Cap Sim in a small town called Sidi Kaoki. You have to walk about 30 min through the desert passing camels and sheep and their shepherds. You get to this big cliff and a perfect peeling right and as you walk down to the beach you’re actually on top of a giant cave, it’s like something out of a movie.

caity griffin morocco surfing

When you go to a new country what’s something you always make sure you do? I always like to try and learn a bit of the native language and about the culture before I go anywhere. It’s definitely important to me to be as respectful and graceful as I can be when in a new country. Seeing as both the Maldives and Morocco are Muslim countries I made sure to bring longer shirts and pants to walk around in.

Somewhere/anywhere on the planet you dream of surfing and why? Fiji! .. This is my dream, I think for obvious reasons:) Also, the Mentawais looks so perfect I can’t even believe some of the footy and photos .. definitely would take a boat trip there so I can explore all the waves and surf as much as I can. & P-Pass because it looks challenging but also so perfect.

The Life of Caity Griffin right now looks like this… I’m currently in Prague working on getting my yoga teaching certification, planning on driving to Italy to surf in Santa Marinella, and possibly making it over to Portugal or Morocco for some cold water waves this Winter.


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