CLIP OF THE WEEK: Alexandra Rinder On, Some People Don’t Even Know What This Sport Is About


We’ve been following the extraordinary journey of Alexandra Rinder since her first World Title back in 2014 at just 16 years of age. She remains the youngest athlete to win a World Bodyboard Title and still training hard for a third.

Alex is from the Canary Islands, she started bodyboarding a just nine years old and jumped into competitions at 12. Four years later she was in the lineup with her heroes of the sport dropping into some of the craziest waves in competition, before being crowned world champ.

“Professional bodyboarding is not easy, not just fun. It’s hard work like every other sport. The way to the top is not only knowing how to ride a wave or doing tricks. It’s discipline and a lot of training… Work for it every day, never stop having fun, but never lose focus of where you want to get.” 

So stoked to see her taking on a new role as a hero to the new generation right around the world. Maybe she is just the right person to bring bodyboarding back into front and centre. Enjoy the clip and stay tuned for more to come.

Directed by Jorge Ceballos – Emiliano Arano.
Music by Sigur Ros

Alexandra Rinder Alexandra Rinder

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