Clip Of The Week with 15 Year Old Marnie Durant of Gnaraloo Western Australia

Every time we see clips and photos of these emerging surfers in Western Australia we are blown further away with their talent and the tasty looking waves they get to surf all year round. This week’s clip of the week was always going to be a hard one to follow the talented Leah Dawson’s Peanut Butter clip and interview but we think that young Marnie, a home-schooled wonder grom could come close.

Check out her clip first – STRICTLY LEFTS

Red Bluff Quobba Station in Western Australia is just down the road from the famous Gnaraloo Station just north of Carnarvon. It’s pretty isolated but that can be a good thing. Marnie and her 7 brothers and sisters get to enjoy surfing some perfect long rides with only a very small crowd as well as some of the most beautiful landscapes you could ever imagine. At just 15 it’s hard to believe that she’s been surfing for only 4 years and has already developed such a a solid style and confidence that she could give the QS tour athletes a run for their money.

What’s it really like living in Red Bluff we asked Marnie?…  “My favourite thing about living here is you meet so many people from all walks of life and you get to experience amazing things like swimming with whales, dolphins, sharks and turtles, all in their natural and untouched environment… I am so lucky because most people pay massive amounts of money for that that kind of ‘real life’ experience and its at my door step!…It is such different and special upbringing I wouldn’t change it for the world.”

As for the surfing she says “My favourite thing about surfing here is you all most always get perfect uncrowded waves, guaranteed.”

There are some truly incredible swells that sweep into the Gnarloo region and only a very select few are ever shared with the world. Marnie is there waiting for them, on her doorstep and recalls one of her most memorable sessions.

“One of the best rides I have had out at Red Bluff would have to be a wave that one of my mates called me on to. I paddled so hard to catch it that when I got up I was already in the perfect spot for the barrel so I just sat there. I could hear the foam ball catching up to me so I got some speed, I thought I was going to get spat out but I slipped through. SO STOKED, I paddled back out with the frothiest smile!”

She’s working hard to keep up her grades as a home-school student so that after she’s completed her studies she can make her mark in the surf world and start travelling and competing full time. In between school studies she’s out in the water and training with her siblings. What about coaching, can’t imagine there’s much in the way of facilities and development in Red Bluff? Marnie says, “I get a bit of coaching whenever I go down to Margaret River for events or trips but where I live, no, there are no coaches so I just get out in the surf as much as I can.”

Last by not least, Western Australia is known for some hectic shark activity amongst surfers, have you had many experiences with sharks? “Not really I see a few here and there but nothing too bad.”

Stay tuned for more on this desert girl, can’t wait till she starts hitting the headlines of events next year!

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