CLIP OF THE WEEK with Pauline Ado Heading South to Portugal

Pauline Ado is one of the world’s best female surfers. The French beauty was on the World Championship Tour for 3 years until last year and still competes at the top level with aspirations of making it back into the top 17.

France can be bleak in Winter, so Pauline travelled south to Portugal in search of waves and sunshine.

Here’s her clip… it’s our clip of the week.


Music : Lions – Head-Begging
Filming and Editing : RIBLANC



Winter in the south west of France can be pretty rough. So when a 10 days storm hit in february, it was not a hard decision to drive to Portugal for a little trip. The next day we were on the road and we found what we were looking for : plenty of sun, fun waves and a few empty line ups..

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