CLIP OF THE WEEK with Lizzie Stokely

Lizzie Stokely is 17 years old, and lives on Bruny Island, Tasmania. It’s an island off the South East coast of Tasmania with a population of only 500 people and 1 local store, “it’s pretty isolated and COLD, cold, cold in winter, but in summer it’s just like paradise” says Lizzie.

The clip features a bunch of breaks and events from all over Australia. Tassie, a few from around NSW and Snapper Rocks from when she was at the High Performance Centre last month as the winner of a Summer event, as well as footage from last December at the National Titles that were held in Western Australia.

Filming – Dara Penfold, Saige Dingemanse, Pat Fasnacht, HPC Australia.
Song – The Griswalds, Beware The Dog

This year Lizzie was taken onboard by Roxy with a string of good results and progressive surfing. So what does this mean for the future of Lizzie’s surfing? She says “I’m pretty stoked that I am part of the Roxy team and I can’t wait to see what the future holds. I have a lot more responsibility now and I feel that I’m pushing myself a lot more now that I’m representing a brand.”

We see a lot of amazing waves poppy up all over Tazzie at the moment and we asked Lizzie to give us the intel on the secret spots but with no avail, “The best breaks would have to be the secret spots around Bruny Island. They are awesome because it’s usually just me and my dad surfing them, and no one else. They are surrounded by scenery that you can’t find anywhere else in the world. It might be freezing, but if your a keen surfer it’s not a problem!” She says.

This year we can expect to see Lizzie making more trips to the mainland to surf the warm waters and compete in the Pro Junior events she says as well she’s working towards the Aussie Titles in Stradbroke Island, Queensland in December. She says “I’m keen to get a good result under my belt at Aussies this year! I’m also keen to have a crack at surfing Shipsterns (Australia’s premier big wave location in Tasmania) this year for a challenge, because I’ve always wanted to do it and I think I’m ready to have a crack at it!”

If you’re in Tasmania look our for Lizzie she says you can find her breaking out into silent disco’s at the bus stop with her head phones in… “I might get a couple of looks, but I don’t mind, I have no fear when it comes to gettin’ down. I’m always having a laugh and I think I laugh way to much for my own good, and it’s a pretty weird sounding laugh too.”

Lizzie is supported by Roxy, Electric Sunglasses, 3DFins, Massey Surfboards, Shipsterns Surf Shop and All Aerobic Fitness

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