CLIP OF THE WEEK with Hayley Shaw McGuinness’ Desert Surf Adventure

Hayley Shaw Mcguinness and her friends Zoe and Kendall loving up Abu Dhabi;

the sand surfing and wave pooling.

[blockquote type=”3″ author=”Hayley”]

What an Adventure! A 2 day surf trip to Abu Dhabi…..WHY NOT! Travelling 14 hours for 2 days of fun, friends, surfing in a wave pool and surfing in the desert was a once in a lifetime experience. I got to share it with two of my fave surfer girls Kendal and Zoe. …So many laughs and memories that will last a life time. We are not pro surfers by any means but we are 3 girls who love surfing with all our heart and live life one hundred and ten percent! [/blockquote]

[blockquote type=”3″ author=”Kendall”]The wave itself takes a few to get used to – its a fat takeoff (not much of a top and a bottom to it), but you definitely generate speed, so from there you need to cutback hit the wash and then the inside gets a little quicker with a little more punch. Nope, its not at all the best wave I have surfed, but, unique – yes. Good to master whatever you are working on – for sure. And the story I get to tell the old guys at my home break – “yeh, just been surfing a wave pool in the desert – rights, lefts, close-outs, A-frames, all at the flick of a switch”. They don’t believe it. [/blockquote]


Music: “You & I” by Crystal Fighters (Google Play • iTunes)

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