CLIP OF THE WEEK with Courtney Conlogue in Neon Seas

It’s time you met Courtney Conlogue properly, after all she’s risen from the outer Top 3 of the women’s World Championship Tour to be a heavy title contender for 2015.

The 22 year old from Santa Ana, USA is on-par with Carissa Moore, who we were thinking may be unstoppable until the Margaret River leg earlier in April. Courtney took on, not only some epic monster waves like they were just 1 foot but walked through to the event final to meet Carissa and defeat her.

Was Steph Gilmore’s injury just speeding up the inevitable of this potential champ?

With 2 event wins each Fiji looks to be more exciting than ever.

Take a look at this clip to see how dynamic and progressive Courtney’s surfing is. It’s a little bit of alright!


by Dillon Chang for Coast Magazine

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