CLIP OF THE WEEK with Caity Griffin in Indonesian Haze

in 2014 we discovered a mermaid who is arguably one of the best free surfers in the world. Caity Griffin. She travels the world on the endless search for waves and culture with her boyfriend. Every now and then we receive a video update of a special place. SEE CAITY’S FIRST CLIP from the Maldives & Morocco

Caity says “The first wave was Keramas in Bali followed by Lakey Peak in Sumbawa and various other waves in Sumbawa. I was riding the same board from the Maldives, a 5’7 Cordell.”

“I was in Bali for about a month in May and it was awesome because I’ve been there a few times and this time I just explored the Sanur / East Side and we were lucky to score a ton of right handers at Niko, Nusa Dua, Gegger and a few more… the most crowded it got was 5 people so this was all time! We had the best time and saw the most beautiful places I’ve ever surfed -EVER! ANYWHERE! Empty green covered mountains topped with a few insanely colorful temples, crystal clear water with a super lively reef, white sand seriously a dream.”

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