CLIP OF THE WEEK: Tyler Wright Discovers ‘The Snake’


When you’re really (really) good at something, people will do a lot to give you the best conditions to do it in. Earlier this year, it’s now been revealed, Mick Fanning and the tight Rip Curl crew who know where the infamous ‘Snake’ wave break, invited two times world champ, Tyler Wright along.

It’s a mind-blowingly long, flawless barrel that breaks right on the sand. It’s one of the most naturally perfect waves on the planet. So much so, that no one will reveal it’s location.

Unfortunately, Tyler has withdrawn from the Surf Ranch Pro due to an ongoing illness so this little getaway won’t help her take out the first ever WCT wave pool event, but she still scored here with Mick though.

Watch as World Champions go wave-for-wave in the Return to The Snake.

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