CLIP OF THE WEEK: John John Florence & Steph Gilmore Are Backing Coco Ho For A World Title

Will Coco Ho Hoist A World Title Trophy Above Her Head Like Her Dad?


2018 marks Coco Ho’s tenth year on the world championship tour and before that she dominated the Hawaiian junior and regional events. It’s been a long ride, and in her mini-doco the Hawaiian surf princess tells of the lows of being a professional athlete so young. We always crave what we don’t have or have access for, and even those surfers and who look like they have it all, are struggling just as much as you.

Coco is an incredible surfer and athlete and a tribute to her family’s prestigious legacy. Will we one day see her with a world title trophy lifted above her head? Looks like she’s got a new fire, time will tell whether it will light her up as we see a shakeup with the top 17 this year.

In her career as a WCT surfer, Coco’s best result has been a second at the O’Neill Women’s World Cup event in

Cool little doco by Volcom.

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