Chelsea Tuach Isn’t Done Yet!


Chelsea Tuach was the first Barbadian surfer to ever qualify for the illustrious World Surf League Championship Tour. After a long list of wins and titles in mainland America and the Qualifying Series, Tuach achieved her lifelong dream to surf among the top 17 surfers in the world in 2015 after winning a QS 6000 event, The Pantin Classic. As the rookie in 2016, the year didn’t go quite as she planned, results-wise, and she didn’t requalify the following year. But, looks like she’s not giving up yet.

2017 has been a cracker for Indonesian swells. Week after week, month after month the Indian Ocean has roared to life and delivered consistent swells between four and eight feet. We’re now seeing the evidence of these swells with a cascade of surf edits emerging, especially from the women, and we’re STOKED!

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