Chelsea Hellsea Williams The New World Longboard Champion

“Did that just happen? I can’t believe it!” Chelsea Williams

(Top Photo Chelsea Williams by ASP/Will Hayden-Smith) 

The girls could not have wished for better conditions for the 2014 GoPro World Longboard Titles in Wanning, China. It was offshore 3-4 foot long rides on every wave with the each of the girls performing some of the best longboarding we’ve seen. However it is disappointing that the ASP is yet to provide a webcast of the event, hopefully the interest and energy behind this year’s titles and the amazing support from GoPro will see 2015 broadcast as per shorboard events.

Chelsea Williams photo ASP / Will Hayden-Smith

Chelsea Williams photo ASP / Will Hayden-Smith

Kelia Moniz of Hawaii entered the event as the defending World Champion with 3 titles in the bag and she was looking for the 4th. Each heat and round had remarkably high scoring waves by girls from all round the world showing that long boarding is also progressing with a solid momentum.

The semi final heats were both very close. Kelia and Chloe Calmon from Brazil held a tight pace on each other until Kelia put a 9 point ride on the board in the last 5 minutes to secure her safe passage into the final.

Kelia Moniz photo ASP / Will Hayden-Smith

Kelia Moniz photo ASP / Will Hayden-Smith

“I had an incredible event, but I still wanted to go further,” Calmon said. “I improved on my position from last year which was my goal so I’m happy, but losing so close to the Semifinal did make me a little sad after the heat — I’m happy now. It just wasn’t my time to be in the final and I’m going to try and come back and go bigger and better next year.”

In Semi Final 2 Chelsea came up against Lindsay Steinriede from the USA but took the lead early with 7’s and 8’s to ensure she had her shot to take her first world title. “That was the most fun I’ve ever had in a heat and I lost!” Steinriede said. “I’ve got so much respect for Chelsea’s surfing and who she is as a person, with either one of us getting into the Final I was happy. I’m really happy to have made the Semifinals and to get that far in the event the fact that we had really good waves also feels good.”

The 2 best competitive longboarders in the world met again, for the 4th time and the rivalry was on. Right from the get-go it was wave for wave, back and forth. Both Kelia and Chelsea pulling out all stops with nose rides, fast and accurate turns and walks. The final result couldn’t have been close with Chelsea holding her head high with 16.90 to Kelia’s 16.70.

Chelsea Williams photo ASP / Will Hayden-Smith

Chelsea Williams photo ASP / Will Hayden-Smith

“Did that just happen? I can’t believe it!” Williams said. “I’ve wanted to win a World Longboard Title since I found out it existed. For a long time people have been telling me I deserve to win, now I finally believe them. I’m so happy and thankful for the support of my family, friends and sponsors. It was an awesome Final, Kelia (Moniz) is so good, we have a fun rivalry going and I’m glad that I got her back.”

“If it wasn’t me winning there’s no one I’d rather see win than Chelsea (Williams),” Moniz said. “She’s a great surfer, she scored a 9 in the final and deserved to win. I’m not too disappointed, it would have been nice to win again — Chelsea and I can just meet in the Final again next year.”

Thanks for putting on a World Class performance girls! Stoked to see longboarding standing it’s ground and pushing all kinds of boundaries.

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