Chelsea Hellsea Williams on the Hunt for a World Title


Interview by Skye Burgess

Chelsea Williams is a longboarder from the Gold Coast and is currently ranked 2nd in the world. One could say she is a little pocket rocket and turns heads when she turns a 9ft+ board so seamlessly. With the crown for the 2014 World Title up for grabs at the upcoming Riyue Bay ASP World Longboard Championship in China (yes they only have one contest to decide the World Champ), I thought I’d have a little chat to Chels to get her thoughts on the event and a little inside on her life.

So Chelsea, tell us how long have you been long boarding for? I’ve been long boarding since I was 13. I started when my dad gave me his old 8 footer to use.

When did you realise you wanted to become world champ? I wanted to be the world champ ever since I started competing, since I was 14. After my first big win when I was 16 being the best is what I have strived for since then.

You’ve been runner up 4 times now, does that make you want the crown even more? Definitely. To be so close so many times is kinda heartbreaking but it keeps fuelling the fire to win. I know I am more than capable to win, I think if that I actually believe that i can and surf to my full potential then it will happen.

chelsea williamschelsea williams

What’s been your training leading into the Riyue Bay Championships? I’ve been doing a bit of training in the gym and surfing a heap, just trying to find some lefts, like what I will come up against in China, but it’s kind of a hard task living on the Gold Coast.

What is China like as a surfing destination? It’s not really on the globe as a surfing spot. Its tropical and warm, kind of like Indonesia or what I imagine Tahiti would be like. Its dependant of typhoon swells, when there is a typhoon on the waves are awesome, there are so many points and beachies to surf around the Island. There probably heaps of waves that aren’t discovered yet too!

You were on the front of a Pacific Longboarder Magazine in a devil suit, what was that all about? Haha, to those who know me well, I’m known as Hellsea. I can be pretty cheeky and a bit of a devil. So the devil suit seemed pretty fitting and shows the real me.

What else do you do with yourself besides surfing? I like to skate, no tricks or anything fancy, just cruising around on the flats looking for newly sealed roads. I like to train and stay healthy, just try to stay active all day. If the surfs no good I like to go for the occasional run.

Where is your favourite surf spot? Rainbow Bay. As crowded as it gets it still my favourite break. I’ve had the best nose rides of my life out there and the best barrels. There always seems to be waves there even in the onshore season. I only have a 30 second walk and I’m there, being so close you can be on to it all day when the winds and tides change.

Chelsea is preparing to compete in the RIYUE BAY ASP WORLD LONGBOARD CHAMPIONSHIP starting on the 1st November 2014. Stay tuned for all the latest from the biggest women’s longboard event of the year. Who will be the new World Champ?

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