A Wild West Road Trip with Roisin Carolan   30th July 2015 - The best thing about surfing for me is the friends you meet on the way. I've been so fortunate to have made so many lifelong friends who are just

12th May 2015 (Top photo Leilani Aguirre by BADfish Photography) On the North West coast of Costa Rica the Circuito Guanacasteco de Surf was taking place at Playa Negra, a perfect break point with a perfect right hand barrelling wave. The picturesque beach has

29th April 2015 (Top photo Roisin Carolan makes riding wind swells look easy) What started off as a picture perfect weekend ended in the most fierce and blustery wind swell in beautiful Byron Bay for the 35th Annual Byron Bay Malibu Classic. Held

Roisin's luxurious longboarding is a valued part of the McTavish Surfboard image

CLIP & WORDS BY ROISIN CAROLAN The month I've been riding the McTavish Surfboard 'Dirtnap' longboard. The Dirtnap is 9 foot 3 inches and is 22 1/2” inches one foot from the nose and  2 3/4” inches one foot from the tail. It's made

Story by Roisin Carolan Mental illness is real and it needs to be talked about. When you look at the stats of mental health it really does suck. Nearly half of Australians (45%) will experience some form of mental illness in their lifetime.

Interview by Roisin Carolan “When a person knows who she really is, once she understands her true wild oceanic self, she discovers her Old Mermaid self.” — Myla Alvarez, Church of the Old Mermaids (Top photo Mahina Mermaid photo by Scott Needham)  Mahina Mermaid is a brand

Travel Diary by Roisin Carolan  VANUATU LIVING Travelling between Fiji and Vanuatu was interesting

Mermaid writer and slider Roisin Carolan is currently making her way around the islands of Fiji and Vanuatu with her McTavish longboards, a tough life experience for her! Apart from surfing uncrowded breaks with tropical water, snacking on the freshest fruits,

Saturday 8th of November was the annual Palm Beach Longboarders Old Mal Log Rally in the heart of "Summer Bay" on Sydney's northern beaches. Conditions were not perfect with a nasty onshore North East wind picking up but the competitors

We've never featured this as clip of the week but every time I watch it, the combination of the soundtrack and the editing just hook me. I watch it over and over. Our mermaid Roisin Carolan and her nose riding

With Roisin Carolan She's a vibrant 19 year-old who calls Wategos in Byron Bay her home break, (aren't we all a little jealous!?) and she can move a longboard around like it's nobody's business. She's graceful and has a style many