REVIEW // THE BIKINI COLLECTIVE BY KATE MCMAHON Kate McMahon has been in and around the surf industry for a long time and we're SO stoked that she's finally put pen to paper (or ink to paper) on her own to

Ocean & Earth is an Australian brand based on the NSW South Coast. They support strong local athletes including the Wright family. They produce some of the strongest legropes in the world and take pride in the quality and durability

Atmosea is a lifestyle concept. A celebration of the grace and vitality of female surfing. Developed by Maria Nilsson; a Swede who moved across the world to Australia 10 years ago to devote her life to nature, the ocean, creative

The ethical and eco-friendly rubber suits by Tahitian surfer Hanalei Reponty. Made in California out of 100% Japanese limestone based neoprene smoothie in 2mm. WETSUIT #1: LOTTE STINGRAY BRITT SAID: It was easy to paddle in. A different feel to most wetsuits, but extremely