MAGGIE HIGGINS: Runner Up in the 2018 Mermaid Society Surf Photographer Search Presented by Braven Interview by Fiona Mullen New Jersey (NJ) isn’t the first place you think of when you hear of surfing in The States. Although, in the past few years photos

Blaze Roberts: Runner Up in the 2018 Mermaid Society Surf Photographer Search Native to the Northern Beaches of Sydney, 16 year old Blaze Roberts bought herself a Canon camera at age 12 to take photos of her friends surfing. Blaze surfs nearly everyday,

Cait Miers Lives The Life Your Dream Of 25-year-old Cait Miers sat on the pointy volcanic rock platform at Snapper Rocks as a teenager with a camera in hand. Once her finger pressed down on her first image she was hooked.

Fran Miller Leads An Extraordinary Life As A Photographer Fran Miller grew up in Sydney, Australia and has developed into one of Australia / the world's best female surf photographers. She's one of the biggest frothers on life and with her love of

Photographer Insight: Mandy Zieren Mandy is one of our favourite surf photographers. She also placed as a runner up in the 2015 Ocean & Earth Surf Photographer Search with 3 stunning shots including the fave of perfect Pipeline. Mandy has come

Photographer Insight: Grace Walden Grace Walden came in with second place in the 2015 Ocean & Earth Surf Photographer Search. Her attention to detail as a photographer and editor was second-to-none. The images she produces blow your mind by way of

Photographer Insight: Shannon Glasson Shannon Glasson is one of the modern surf photography world's next big names. Her photos, mainly from the Cronulla and South Sydney region are crisp and flawless. She's out in the line up on the biggest swells

Photographer Insight: Georgia Matts Georgia Matts is 22 years old and comes from Wollongong on the NSW South Coast. she placed 3rd in the 2015 Ocean & Earth Surf Photographer Search based on her ability to capture images from a different perspective

PHOTOGRAPHER INSIGHT: 2015 Winner Fiona Mullen   18 year old Fiona Mullen was the winner of the 2015 Ocean & Earth Photo Search. Her images bestow a raw contrast of light and dark creating a deep emotional connection to each photo. Fiona