Tubes4Boobs!   Interview by Emma-Jane Eeles   Courtney Bower is a young lady with a huge heart. 3 years ago, Courtney's mother was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer and she faced the possibility of losing her mum to this dreadful disease.

31st LOGGERHEADS MALIBU CLASSIC Location: Scotts Head, NSW Dates: Friday 17th, Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th July 2015   (TOP PHOTO // Lara Murphy takes off on a monster at the 2014 event, by Howard Marzan) The Loggerheads Malibu Classic has now been staged 30

STORY BY EMMA-JANE EELES I remember the first time I hopped on a surfboard. It was a 6’ something Al Merrick gun and boy did I feel awkward. For starters, the board sank under my weight and when I paddled, my

TRAVEL // EMMA-JANE EELES If you're in Australia and have nothing locked in for holidays but are on the hunt for some fun waves in beautiful locations that you might have never been before? I've put together a list of my Top

Story by Emma-Jane Eeles Beach Litter. Coke cans, cigarette butts, bottle top lids, ice-cream containers, beer bottles

Interview by Emma-Jane Eeles Being a lover of all things lacey, girlie, cute & handmade I immediately got excited when I stumbled across Hippy Boho online one day. Pretty lace flared bell-bottom pants, flowing kimonos, hand crocheted bikinis & all with

Interview by Emma-Jane Eeles When I decided to get in touch with Lisa from Seaweedsa and ask her a few questions about her journey as an ocean artist and mermaid I had no idea just how touched I would be by

Interview by Emma-Jane Eeles Heather Woods is a bliss seeker. To be more exact, an ocean bliss seeker. If you have ever been to Noosa you may catch a glimpse of her strolling along the boardwalk with her camera firmly at

Interview by Emma-Jane Eeles It's never easy to juggle a full time career as well as manage to run an online hobby or business. But that is exactly what Gemma the editor from 'The Slideshow' is doing. The Slideshow is an

Interview by Emma-Jane Eels You know those mornings when you wake up and feel inspired to get to the ocean but it's raining outside, so instead you cosy up on the lounge with a cup of tea and your laptop and google websites

Interview by Emma-Jane Eeles There are some women that you meet in life along the journey that instantly warm your heart and inspire you to smile more and live each day with gratitude. Kerrie Swan is one of these women. Kerrie

Story by Emma-Jane Eeles 'Those who don't preserve their history end up with their stories told incorrectly or not told at all. It's incumbent upon all of us to know women's surfing history and tell it whenever we can' - Mary

  Story by Emma-Jane Eeles A blessed ocean connection As I adjust my mask and fit my flippers on both feet I can sense that something beautiful is about to happen. It is a sunny day and I am in Hanauma Bay on

Written by Emma-Jane Eeles Driving up to Scotts Head for the annual Loggerheads Malibu Classic is always a delight, this year even more so as it was the 30th Anniversary. Competitors, their family and friends and the local community converge at

Story by Emma-Jane Eeles As I sit by the pandanus tree watching 6ft sets rolling through the point on a windy and overcast winter afternoon my mind wanders off to a sunny crisp autumn morning

With Emma-Jane Eeles As a House & Petsitter I am blessed to stay in so many gorgeous seaside towns and villages along the East Coast of Australia. During the winter of 2012 I landed for 2 months into the sunny seaside