Casey Kiernan Wins United Women’s World Skimboard Championships

Skim boarding got a new world champ in the last month. Her name is Casey Kiernan, she’s 20 years old from Lake Worth in Florida and will make you look twice at her sport. Power, precision and style… it’s all in a day’s work for Casey as she cracks the lip of some tasty looking shories.

Was great to hear from Casey on the final event of the year and how she’s progressing with the sport.

Tell us about the final event of the year? The final event of the United Skim Tour this year was in Newport Beach, California.  The conditions were solid, head high close out sets and on shore.  At this contest there was more competition than the previous stop on the tour which was awesome, but I won the title before the last contest so this contest didn’t need to count for me.

What are the specs of your skimboard and what are your best manoeuvres? I have a couple different board shapes and sizes. I currently ride a 53″ but I’m working on a my brand new pro model Zap Skimboards will be releasing it in January so stay tuned, it’s great!

My frontside is comparably strong to some other skimboarders; it’s fun and exciting so I love to do air re-entries, grabs, and sprays.

Tell us about your history with skimboarding, when did you get into it, how did you start competing, what do you love about it? I was more into surfing at first, but one day when I was 15 I was at the beach, but there wasn’t any surf.  I saw some guys riding the wars on their Skimboards and that was new to me, so I approached them and they taught me the basics. I was hooked ever since.  I progressed very quickly and those guys would always encourage me to do contests. It took me like a year, but I finally did and was so drawn to the atmosphere of the contests and the strong relationships everyone has with each other. It’s full of love.

casey kieranHow is skim boarding competition scored, since your waves are so fast you can’t get so many manoeuvres on one wave like surfing. Depending on the conditions we could be able to do multiple tricks on one wave.  With smaller waves we’re judged on wave selection, combo tricks, difficulty of trick, fluidity of performing it, and completion.  With big close out waves, we’re judged on wave size and basically if you can tuck in a sick barrel, you’re golden.

What is the level like amongst the girls, is there anyone hot on your trail or anyone you’ll have to look out for next year? Everyone has their own competition and all the girls have been progressing over the years and everyone wants to be at the top, so I’ll be keeping an eye out.

Have you travelled for the sport? I traveled through all of Florida, to Delaware, North Carolina, and California.  California is by far the best because conditions are almost always great and you have a choice of what kind of wave you want to ride between the different spots.

What do you think about skimboarding in Europe? I’d love to check out the skim scene there, but it looks cold. They’re pretty blessed with the waves I see them getting!

What advice would you give someone looking to get into skimboarding? 

Skimboarding is a beautiful sport. It’s a mix of friendship, encouragement, unity, and pushing your limits.  It’s always most difficult at first and can hurt, but as long as you continue to improve as stick with it, it’s totally worth it, even just the friendships you make, but you’ll see progression so do t give up.

I just hope for the future of Skimboarding.  I’d love to see it gain great attention and support just like surfing.

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