Carissa Moore Wins Girls Pipe Masters Invitational

Today the girls took to the water in an exhibition event at the Billabong Pipe Masters. Stephanie Gilmore, Tyler Wright, Carissa Moore and Bethany Hamilton paddled into one of the world’s gnarliest line-ups to battle it out in one heat.

Bethany Hamilton showed the world she’s up with the best. You wouldn’t believe how she surfed unless you saw it with your own eyes, undoubtably the most inspiring and talented surfer on the planet. It would be amazing to see her qualify for the World Tour but until that time, love seeing her tearing apart her free surfs all round the planet.


Bethany and Tyler got in early with some low scoring waves. Carissa made the first tight barrel through Backdoor (the right hand option of the Pipeline break) followed by a quick reply from Tyler. Although there were a lot of close outs the girls were powering through the 40 minute heat. Steph took a smaller option with a low score and snapped her board with 6 minutes to go but there was no luck with her today from Huey.  There were some pretty good wipe outs in the 40 minutes with Bethany taking a slide and drop and what looked like a nasty crunch but shook it straight off. Tyler got taken down by the lip but paddled back out to take second place.

Local girl Carissa was unstoppable with 2 back to back barrels keeping her at the top of the scoreboard until the final hooter showing she’s got her fire back.


1. Carissa Moore 11.00

2. Tyler Wright 8.67

3. Bethany Hamilton 6.83

4. Stephanie Gilmore 2.63


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