Candice Appleby and Jordan Mercer Take Gold in ISA World Championships

13th May 2015

(Top Jordan Mercer ISA World SUP Games 2015  PHOTO ISA/Reed)

The International Surfing Association (ISA) World Paddle Board Championships are being held at Sayulita, Riviera Nayarit, Mexico this week with the world’s best SUP and distance paddle boarders are battling it out to bring home gold for their country.

With 27 countries being represented it’s a massive event that celebrates the developing sport of Stand Up Paddle surfing and Paddle Board distance racing. Both sports are becoming increasingly popular right round the world and the athleticism involved mean we are seeing a whole new class of water sportswomen.

Today the women’s 20 kilometre SUP Distance and Prone Distance paddle races were held.

The USA’s Candice Appleby was the favourite with a number of world championship medals already under her belt as well as international event wins, Candice is a super athlete who competes in all aspects of paddle competition. She’s one busy girl. The week before the event she was running the SUP Fiesta in California to help the development of the sport for the kids. SEE STORY. 

Candice captured her first International Surfing Association (ISA) Gold Medal. Appleby also earned valuable points for the overall team ranking with the win in the Women’s StandUp Paddle (SUP) Long Distance Race. Appleby’s time was 1:52:54 to finish.

“I always try to do my best and win, but it feels really good to be doing it for more than just myself. I got my team, my country, God, my family,” said the elated Appleby. “It feels very good to have my team screaming on the beach rooting for me.”

In the prone Paddleboard distance race it was Australian Ironwoman and 4 times Molokai World Paddleboard Champ Jordan Mercer who lead the way for the girls. Jordie is now a 4 x ISA World Champ in this division but not without a dramatic finish.

Coming into the final two buoys of the course, Mercer was head-to-head with Anna Notten from Team South Africa. However, Notten, caught up in the moment, paddled straight toward beach forgetting to complete the final two buoy turns giving Mercer the 4-peat. Mercer’s final time was 2:07:37, and Notten finished at 2:08:29.

Stay tuned for more exciting results as the girls take to the waves for the SUP surfing divisions. Watch the event live on the OFFICIAL WEBSITE

Women’s SUP Distance Race

Gold – Candice Appleby (USA)
Silver – Lina Augaitis (CAN)
Bronze – Terrene Black SUP (AUS)
Copper – Céline Guesdon (FRA)

Women’s Paddleboard Distance Race

Gold – Jordan ‘Magic’ Mercer (AUS)
Silver – Anna Notten (RSA)
Bronze – Carter Graves (USA)
Copper – Leane Darling (HAW)

Candice Appleby ISA World SUP Games 2015  PHOTO ISA/Reed

Candice Appleby ISA World SUP Games 2015 PHOTO ISA/Reed

Candice Appleby (USA) ISA World SUP Games 2015  PHOTO ISA/Reed

Candice Appleby (USA) ISA World SUP Games 2015 PHOTO ISA/Reed

Jordan Mercer ISA World SUP Games 2015  PHOTO ISA/Bielmann

Jordan Mercer in the lead at ISA World SUP Games 2015 PHOTO ISA/Bielmann


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