BL’s Blast Off Wrap Up and Results

bls blast off 2014

This week we have seen some of the most amazing surfing ever in the Hurley BL’s Blast Off presented by beecraft, held on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. Kids as young as 4 and up to 14 years old, toughed out waves up to 6 foot at Palm Beach and Whale Beach and displayed some of the most incredible surfing that contest director Barton Lynch says was “well beyond their years.”

Barton says “for years we have been hunting for small waves to ensure the kids can have the best experience and loads of fun in the event, this year the younger divisions showed so much courage and determination to get out there and they were absolutely ripping.”

bls blast off 2014

He says “In the girls younger divisions there isn’t a difference in performance between girls and boys. I dare say that in the future there won’t be a division between them because the performances will be so consistent regardless of gender.”

It gives you a little smile and feeling of great satisfaction to hear and see a sport where performance is level between genders. Let surfing lead the way!

Bodhi Leigh-Jones Photo: The Mermaid Society

Bodhi Leigh-Jones Photo: The Mermaid Society

In the girls 14s division there were jaw dropping moments in the heated competition between Bodhi Leigh-Jones and Macy Callaghan who went wave for wave and absolutely tore the 4 foot wedge waves to shreds. The level of surfing was far higher than what you would expect to see from 14 year olds with massive turns and powerful vertical manoeuvres.

In the 10s Girls division you had to pinch yourself when you saw Milli Allport and Cedar Leigh-Jones on a 4 foot face pulling off a perfect roundhouse cutback followed by about 6 mini turns and snaps into the shore.

We are so proud the girls of Blast Off are leading the way and stoked they are pushing the bar higher and higher each year.

Macy Callaghan Photo: The Mermaid Society

Macy Callaghan Photo: The Mermaid Society


1 Quincy Symonds
2 Stella Huxtable
3 Molly Laing
4 Dhara Cullen
5 Samantha Arderne
6 Harper Smales
7 Mia Vaotua
6s Girls Finalists

6s Girls Finalists

1 Kiana Baker
2 Jada Thomas
3 Isabelle Kryger
4 Leila Salt
5 Sian Hughes
6 Zahlia Short
8s Girls Finalists Photo: The Mermaid Society

8s Girls Finalists Photo: The Mermaid Society

1 Cedar Leigh-Jones
2 Milli Allport
3 Sage Goldsbury
4 Ruby Griffiths
5 Gabi Spake
6 Evie Coulter
10s Girls Finalists

10s Girls Finalists

1 Zahli Kelly
2 Summa Longbottom
3 Claire Bierke
4 Jesse Starling
5 Jasmine Riggs
6 Charli Allport
12s Girls Finalists

12s Girls Finalists

1 Macy Callaghan
2 Bodhi Leigh-Jones
3 Piper Harrison
4 Pacha Luque-Light
5 Millie Grieve
6 Sophia Chapman
14s Girls Finalists Photo: The Mermaid Society

14s Girls Finalists Photo: The Mermaid Society



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