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Big Wave Women’s Event Confirmed At Mavericks

World Class Women’s Big Wave Event At Mavericks Locked In

The World Surf Leauge has announced that the Titan Of Mavericks event at the infamous Mavericks big wave spot in northern California will be locked in, and it will include women.

The controversial event has drawn a lot of attention over the last three years. In September 2016, the Californian Coastal Commission approached organisers of the Titans of Mavericks, stating that in future years they must include women through an ‘inclusive plan’ if they want to continue the running of the annual event. Cartel Management who run the event made no indication that they would meet the critera drafted.

In November 2016, (as reported on Coastalwatch) Jeff Clark, a Committee member for the event’s selection was reported to have said that the event had always been open to women, but that the group had yet to see a woman with the skill level to compete.

His comment was echoed by competitor Grant Washburn who said to The Guardian, “There is a huge difference between the top 24 who make it into the competition and the rest of the group,” he said, “and the women are just not at that level yet. There are a lot of guys who belong on that list first.”

Bianca Valenti is one of the 14 surfers who competed in the women’s Mavericks event in 2015, the WickrX Super Session. She told The Guardian, “For me, Mavericks is more than just the one-day competition, but competitions advance the sport and if you include women, it advances the sport for everyone.”

Since this time the World Surf League have run the first women’s big wave surf event at Pea’hi (Jaws) in which Paige Alms from Maui won. There is no doubt that women have proven they have the guts, determination and most importantly physical ability to dominate these waves and we can’t wait to see equal representation at the Titan of Mavericks event as it makes its inaugural inclusion on the WSL’s schedule of events.

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