Best Waterwomen of France Compete At The First All Girls French Cup at Capbreton

The first French Cup all girls event took place this Sunday at Santosha to Capbreton (in Landes). 80 girls entered 4 divisions including surf, longboard, bodyboard and stand up paddle. The event was a great showcase to the local community of the talent and progression of women’s water sports. The shore was filled with locals and supporters watching on as the girls took to the water in all disciplines.

Screen Shot 2015-06-08 at 8.17.59 pmConditions were perfect with 4 foot waves and offshore winds holding solid faces for the girls to work their magic on their chosen craft.  Over 80 girls from all over the French coast and French regions including West Indies, Reunion Island and Caledonia came together for the day of surf.

The French Fédération of Surf and the Capbreton Surf Club and ex-pro Caroline Sarran put together a fantastic weekend for the girls and the community with good surfing and good vibes. It would be great to see this format all over the world!

Candice Bride took out the bodyboard division after securing 2 fast paced rides with strong rollo moves towards the end of the final, coming from behind. Her win is the 2nd this tour and puts her into first place on the Bodyboard French Tour point score. She said after her win “I was so happy to win today this is my favourite spot in Landes and I surf here every day. The waves were great for the event and it was such a good weekend festival for women’s sports.”

In the shortboard division it was Alizé Arnaud who took premier position with high scores early on. Her snaps and vertical turns were a highlight of the final with Alize showing her full potential on good waves. Alizé said “I got lucky today, I quickly had two very good waves locked in. It’s so great to get a victory at home and it’s been an amazing event that the Federation and the Capbreton surf club have organised exclusively for girls.”

Caroline Angibaud stole the Stand Up Surf show in style with her sharp pivots and turns, hitting the lip in the critical sections. Caroline said  “There were good waves today, powerful and fast. You had to be well placed. The 20 minutes of the final went very quickly. Luckily I got a good wave at the start and it made the difference to my final score. It was a great idea to make a 100% girls competition. I loved it.”

In a close longboard final it was world class Reunion Island surfer Victoria Vergara who took top spot on the podium just in front of Annabel Talouarn. Victoria said “I found this a great competition, surfing with friends all day! We laughed a lot today and had lots of fun as well as trying some other disciplines. It was a great initiative of the Federation. There should be more events like this.”


The next event is 4th-5th July in Hossegor (surfing),  ​​25th-26th July in Biscarrosse (longboard and SUP) and August 29-30 at La Salie (bodyboard). Bodysurfing has not taken place and has been postponed until September for the event of Contis.

See Gallery below thanks to Surfing Federation of France Photos FFS / Arrieta and ffs / fair



2015 Results All Girls Event



1. Alizé Arnaud (Capbreton Surf Club) 13,00 pts
2. Nina Reynal (A Joe reefer surf club) 7,16 pts
3. Ana Morau (Bascs) 6,74 pts
4. Juliette Brice (Lacanau Surf Club) 6,23 pts



1. Candice Bride (Longevile surf club) 9,83 pts
2. Lilie Labadie (Anglet Surf Club) 8,24 pts
3. Claire Dubes (Bascs) 6,44 pts
4. Isabelle Dorriotz (Anglet Surf Club) 5,70 pts



1. Caroline Angibaud (Breteam SC) 9 pts
2. Lydie Toche Soulé (Lecques Energie Club) 6,40 pts
3. Lola Coulon (St Gilles cx of life) 1,83 pts
4. Sophie Degas (St Gilles cx of life) 1,73 pts



1. Victoria Vergara (St Leu surf club) 9,44 pts
2. Annabel Talouarn (Kangourou Surf Club) 9,23 pts
3. Poéti Norac (St Gilles cx of life) 8,00 pts
4. Camille Couzinet (Aloha Surf Club) 3,50 pts


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