Basque Surf Tour 2015 Event 1 Results / Circuito Vasco Open 2015

25th May 2015

(Top Ariane Ochoa Torres photo by Kepa Alvarez)

Congratulations to Leticia Canales on winning the first event of the Basque Country Surf Tour for 2015. The event took place over the weekend at Zurriola Beach, San Sebastian, Spain in favourable 3-4 foot conditions for the girls.

Ariana Ochoa Torres said “It was a great competition and a very tight final” with all the girls in the final placing within 2 points of each other. The standard of women’s surfing in Spain is increasing at such a rapid rate and with girls like Ariane and Leticia regularly competing in international events it’s only going to increase the participation by girls and the high level that is being achieved by these girls.

Leticia said after her win “I was lucky to find one wave that allowed me two big turns on my backhand and the second wave was a big re-entry on the close out. It was difficult to find a clean faces, but everyone did really well and I’m so happy to win the event.”

Basque Surf Tour Event #1

1st Leticia Canales 10.94

2nd Garazi Sanchez 10.17

3rd Ariana Ochoa Torres 10.03

4th Nadia Erostarbe 9.23

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