Arena Rodriguez Joins Sofia Mulanovich’s Surfing Performance Program in Peru

Arena Rodriguez Joins Sofia Mulanovich’s Surfing Performance Program in Peru

Arena Rodriguez is just 9 years old and has spent those 9 years growing up in Lima Peru. She’s in love with her sport and started bodyboarding three years ago in a summer with the help of her parents; the following summer she enrolled in a surf school and hasn’t looked back.

Not only does she love surfing but her competitive edge is next to none. This year she’s been lucky enough  to be chosen to join one very special program.

In 2015 Arena joined The Sofia’s Mulanovich Surf Development Program. It’s is a high performance program for 10 athletes under 15 years of age and 2 are women. The program consists of surf training, physical training and psychological support. For this group the program lasts until 2016.

The Proyecto Sofia Mulanovich (Sofia Mulanovich Project) is about giving young Peruvian surfing talent access to opportunities. A unique high performance surf academy combining surfing training with life lessons anchored in environmental responsibility, healthy living and fair play.

Arena was lucky enough to receive a Wild Card to the program and is the youngest participant. She says “My idea is to learn from the experience and also learn from the team coach’s and my teammates. I want to keep improving and obviously surfing everyday too.”

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Sofia Mulanovich surfed on the World Championship Tour and was the first South American surfer to ever win a World Title, which she did in 20014.  “Sofia is definitely a hero in Peru and Latin America.” Says Arena, “She inspires and continues inspiring thousands of girls, she proved that its possible. I like her strength and drive, her quality as a person and her vibe.”

With a killer cut back and sophisticated tube riding techniques there’s no doubt Arena will be making waves world wide, especially with the help of this revolutionary program in Peru. She says whilst on the program she hopes to  improve her frontside and backside off the top moves and also sharpen up her cutbacks. “In a few years I would love to be more radical and to put more power on my moves, I like to see women’s surfing do well, but I want to go slowly because there still a long way to go for me.”

As one of the most pumped grommets in Peru, it’s important to remember that this South American prodigal child is just 9 and still loves to do 9-year-old kind of things. Arena loves nothing more that spending her time surfing with friends, playing with her family, being at school, watching surf movies. But nothing will stand in this girl’s way for glory with a focus solidly set on achieving a place on the World Surf League Championship Tour, just like her inspiration Sofia Mulanovich.

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