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There Is No ‘Away’.

Almost every piece of plastic ever made still exists, which means those items we use for a couple of minutes can last forever. And, potentially end up in our oceans.

The amazing image above by @justinhofman speaks for itself. It is a small Estuary Seahorse in the surfing paradise of Sumbawa, Indonesia. Read the full story from National Geographic here.

I would like to add a few hopefully useful words:

It doesn’t have to be like this. It’s easy to make a few simple changes and drastically reduce the amount of single use plastics in your life (and thus the amount of single use plastics that can potentially end up in our oceans).

The earbud is an easy place to start: do you really need one of these? They’re not even good for your ears.

GO REUSABLE: BYO cup, bag, bottle, say no to straws, talk to your friends about the problem (and swap solutions), clean up a beach (and think about what items you find, and how to substitute them). It’s not as simple as just cutting out all plastic right now, but it is as simple as just trying your best, doing what you can, and saving our oceans one plastic bag (or coffee cup, or earbud, or bottle) at a time.

Be part of the solution.

The image of the seahorse clinging to the earbud was a finalist in the Natural History Mueseum’s Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition. Justin was also the National Geographic Wildlife Photographer of the Year. 

*You can also start as small as ‘Take(ing) 3 For The Sea’ simply picking up three small items of rubbish from the beach, coast or riverside every time you leave. 

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