Akela a New Dimension of Surf Wear


Story by Emma-Jane Eeles

When asked why she chose the name ‘Akela Surf’ for her business, Annie Gagne will tell you ‘Because it’s how we feel when we surf!’

Akela is Hawaiian for Happiness and when you chat to Annie, founder and director of Akela Surf you can see why she chose the name. Annie, alongside her partner Servio and son Kaiko make up Akela Surf. They both have a deep love of the ocean that is evident by their lifestyle choices and the smiles that light up their faces as they share waves. The aloha spirit runs deep for them both.

Akela Surf

Having been a fashion designer for over 20 years, Annie is no stranger to the world of fashion. But it wasn’t until her son Kaiko was born, that she started looking at her career from a different angle. An old friend of Annies asked her to design and create a swimsuit. In doing this, Annie realised that there was a huge gap in the market for stylish and functional surf and swimwear that combined water and street. From there, Annie decided to design, create and sew a range of surf and swimwear including rash vests, leggings, crop tops, bikinis and one pieces using her own fabric and the Akela Surf logos – a single fin, anchor and skull. Annie says that her creations are inspired by surf and skate punk from the 60’s era, with the black and white theme coming from the movies of that time.

As for surfing and her love of the sea, Annie started 5 years ago in Tofino, Canada. Since then she has travelled to Asia, Sri Lanka, France, Costa Rica, Mexico and Barbados in search of fun waves with Servio and Kaiko. ‘Being a mum and a business woman has made me become very patient’ says Annie ‘Kaiko follows Servio and I everywhere, even when we do a photoshoot! When we surf we take it in turns to look after him on the beach so we can both catch waves. Everyday is an adventure! We want to move somewhere that we can surf all year round and operate Akela Surf. Me and Servio talk about it everyday, we believe there is a big potential in Akela Surf and we will keep travelling until we find the perfect spot for the company but also for Kaiko’

Akela Surf is designed and created for a girl that loves to surf and who is looking for functional yet stylish swimwear. She is someone that wants to bring elegance and femininity into the line up. Akela’s range is suited to ladies of the sea at any age and the range can be found online at 


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