PODCAST: Extraordinary Girls Of The Sea, Our Conversation With Caroline Marks


Just yesterday I caught up with Caroline Marks. She’s had a crazy couple of weeks, as she describes it. On her flight home from Australia after getting knocked out of the final Qualifying Series event of the year, her World Championship Tour qualification lay in the hands of two other girls. When Caroline got home to California, she switched on the webcast and watched as the results unfolded. A day later the WSL contacted her and made it official, she would be joining the 2018 World Tour along with the best 16 female surfers in the world.

She will be the youngest ever CT surfer and surprisingly, surfing isn’t the first sport she’s competed professionally in. We find out a little more about Caroline Marks as she prepares for what will be one of the biggest years of her life. Tune into our first podcast ‘Extraordinary Girls of the Sea’.

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Video below by Red Bull
Top photo by WSL/Masurel

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