5 Empowering Women Of The Sea You Should Follow

International Women’s Day is more than just a social media newsfeed takes over of photos and quotes of extraordinary women, it’s the chance to realign yourself and discover new, inspirational role models because god-knows we all have those days when we need a pick-me-up.

The other evening I attended the Surfing Australia Awards on the Gold Coast, just one week out from the start of the 2018 competitive year. On the night Layne Beachley made a very predominent statement about success and it’s one that really resonated with me. “Success can not be built on that which has not been celebrated.” Basically. you must celebrate success to sustain success. And based on that I believe that a day like today, International Women’s Day is the chance to celebrate the success of every woman, because in every day we have small successes and every day, whether it’s big, small, obvious or subtly, we’re inspring each other. Celebrate that today, and the people who have inspired you.

To me, these women of the sea are more than just shallow social media moguls, they have exceptionally high morals, they have overcome obstacles and challenges that are inspiring, especially inspiring when you’re in ‘one of those moods’ or having ‘one of those days’. They also curate and lead their lives selflessly and with the whole-hearted vision of making people around them happy and the world a better place. They are my top five, and I love that they’re here on this earth making everything a little brighter.


Never have I ever met anyone like Britt. She is a professional surfer who battles a debilitating illness, yet continues to succeed. She’s now the ambassador for Colitis and Chrones Australia and the female voice of WQS surfing in New South Wales and with her passion and expertise in the sport, she’s making a positive impact on up and coming and junior surfers. She’s also still has a killer cuttie. We love Britt and everything she stands for.


Lilly Pollard has an incredible knack for connecting with people. She has taken her talent in the water as a professional bodyboarder and combined it with her skill in education to set up the Bodyboard Academy where she is working from the ground up with the sports development. Lilly broke her back in 2014 after the high of winning the international event at Pipeline in Hawaii. Since that time she’s rehabilitated and is back in the water charging swells and becoming more immersed in her local community and grassroots bodyboarding.


Paige Alms is the ocean enthusiast we all wish we could be. She lives on the Hawaiian island of Maui and dedicates her life to keeping her body healthy, in its optimal conditioning and happy. She’s the dual women’s Pea’hi Challenge champion after all the monster wave is in her backyard. She pushes boundaries and has a refreshingly powerful and honest competitive drive for achievement. She’s a water woman in every aspect of the word and is one of the most inspiring water athletes of our time.


Talk about inspiring, Belinda Baggs lives every day with the purity of love, enjoyment and the environment. She is also one hell of a charger. If you didn’t catch our podcast with this amazing water woman, do it today. Not only does Belinda push herself out among the waves as a bodysurfer, surfer and swimmer, she is passionately and tirelessly working with Patagonia in conservation and promoting the sustainability.

You can’t try to do things, you simply must do things. 📷 @chris_peel_photo

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For as long as I’ve been connected to social media I’ve loved Leah Dawson. Her energy, her talent, her mindfulness and ability to convey a (real) message via the interwebs. Instead of jealousy, she stirs joy and adoration of the beautiful world we live in and purity of it all. She leads an inspirational life of a water woman, and definitely a fave in our feed.

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