5 Surfboards Reviewed Specifically For Women


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Last week we paid a visit to our mate Tim at Aloha in Manly. He knows more about boards than nearly anyone and can match the perfect sled to your surfing in just a few questions. So we got him to pick out a range of the best boards for women and talk us through what it is that we need to look for and understand so choosing boards isn’t such a daunting task. (SEE ALSO: Essential Tips On How To Buy A Kid The Right Foamie or Softboard)

On the night we had a live audience of 25 local ladies join us. We were spoilt with beautiful fresh Kombucha from the Bucha of Byron, great beats with our Braven speakers and tasty treats from the Surf Meal Co. Thank you to our event partners for the support of our first live event. We also must thank our production team, Matt, Tim and Wazza.


In this guide, not only do we break down the dimensions of each board, we take your through terminology and board lingo to give you a greater understanding of why a board might be right, or not-so-right for you. Tim’s advice though is, always speak to a board seller or shaper, you can have some basic knowledge but the pros will make sure you don’t waste your money or time on a dud that isn’t right for your ability.

We will cover; length, literage, rails, width, shape, tails, concaves and Epoxy vs. Fibreglass.


Creative Army, Huevo
Firewire x Rob Machado, Creeper
Hayden Shapes, Hypto Krypto Blonde
Chilli, Rare Bird
DHD, Mini Twin 

2017 Girls Board Guide


Girls Surf Ability Scale

BOARD #1 Creative Army // Huevo

This board: 7’6 x 21 7/8 x 2 ¾ = 51L

Designed by Josh Constable ex-World Longboard Champion and a great designer.

A performance mini mal due to the tail and nose lift making it an easy board to turn. It was chosen because it could be a good transition board from a foamie to fiberglass. It will be exciting to ride.

The tail has a lot of curve and round in it making it easy to turn.
Surfboards are similar to skis and snowboards in the way that the more side-cut you have in the rail, the easier they turn.

The fin layout on this one is for a single fin and two side fins. The fin box on this one, most people will ride this as a single fin or with two small stabilisers. A single fin that sits in the water allows the board to ride a little bit further because of the connection with the fin underneath the water but it makes it stiffer, not as easier to turn. To turn, get a smaller fin in.

BOARD #2 Firewire x Rob Machado // Creeper

This Board: 6’4 x 20 ¾ x 3 = 44L

Made from a special wood called paulownia wood about 5mm thick, it’s specifically grown for surfboards. It has EPS foam underneath meaning it’s super light and strong, I t doesn’t dent! They use bio/recycled resins and trying to keep as environmentally friendly as they can.

The lighter the board is, the easier it is to control it.

44L is great for someone coming down from a mini mal. You’re standing up and starting to do some manoeuvres.

This board is good for 1 foot to 2-3 foot. Duck diving won’t be that easy because of the volume but it’s stronger than nearly every other board, but it will float better, even drop down the size and still have good paddle power.

The fin setup depends on where you’re surfing but recommended with the thruster set up for stability. In smaller, cleaner waves you can use a smaller quad fin set up.

*Audience question: Difference between Epoxy and Fiberglass. Epoxy is lighter, more buoyant and more sensitive.

BOARD #3 Hayden Shapes, Hypto Krypto

This board is: 6’ x 20 ½ x 2 ¾ = 36L

This board is a great board and easy to ride. Hayden has painted the outline rails of this board with carbon to mix it up from the original with the black outline.

EPS model, which means it’s really light.

It’s a very versatile board. You can surf it in small waves, but the rounded pin tail and hard edge means when the waves pick up in size and gets more hollow and suckie it will hold well. You can dig the tail right into the wave.

Fin setup is a 5-fin option so you can go with the thruster or quad setup depending on where you’re at and what the waves are like. (Refer back to the Creeper for detailed fin options)

BOARD #4 Chilli, Rare Bird

This board is: 6’ x 20 x 2 5/8 = 33L

This board is refined with volume, width and thickness with a little more rocker. Still a user friendly board with the volume up the front of the board.

The tail isn’t too wide which means it’s easy to initiate a board from toe to heel. It holds in well because of the curve in the tail.

Rails are soft and forgiving. 5 fin setup and go well with thruster or quads. Not the best board for small, crappy waves but will go very well in 3-5 feet.

BOARD #5 DHD, Mini Twin

This board is: 5’9 x 20 ½ x 2 3/8 = 32L

It’s a popular shape and a twin fin works well with 1-3 feet waves with a lot of forward volume.

It’s a really fun board because of the momentum of a twin fin. You get to feel what the wave is doing because there is no drag with a middle fin. There is a lot of flow and speed. The more speed you get, the more manoeuvres you can do and they will feel better too.

Fish designs mean there are two points of control so the board will hold into the wave and be more stable and won’t slide. You’ll move from rail-to-rail and the width will give the board more control. Less drag means more speed and flow.

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