35th Byron Bay Malibu Classic 2015

29th April 2015

(Top photo Roisin Carolan makes riding wind swells look easy)

What started off as a picture perfect weekend ended in the most fierce and blustery wind swell in beautiful Byron Bay for the 35th Annual Byron Bay Malibu Classic.

Held at the famous Watego’s Beach the tight-knit loggers of the Byron, and surrounding shires came together on the 25th and 26th April to battle it out, ever so gracefully, for the divisional titles.

Our own Roisin Carolan, a local and young legend already took part in the 2 foot condition and said “We had a nice start to the event full of sunshine and waves on Saturday. The finals day (on Sunday) was crazy windy and instead of focusing on moves we were trying to stay on our boards and not be blown off, but it didn’t stop us from having fun.”

Roisin also was the only lady to enter in the Old Mals division where she made the final against a heat of exceptional men. Congratulations to all the girls who entered and surfed over the weekend.


1st – Roisin Carolan
2nd – Eleanor Mcreedy
3rd – Annie
4th – Bonnie Donavon

Open Women's Finalists 2015

Open Women’s Finalists 2015


1st – Louise Tiernan
2nd – Kris Keevers
3rd – Gabby Brown
4th – Tracey Nobbs

Over 40's Finalists

Over 40’s Finalists 2015

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