29th June 2015   (Written by Sam Suendermann for the Vanuatu Surfing Association) In the small coastal village of Pango, Vanuatu the sport of surfing has slowly worked its way into the lives of the local villagers. Onshore or offshore, rain or sunshine there

29th June 2015 (Words by Surfing WA - TOP Issabella Marchetti photo by Nick Woolacott / Surfing WA) Over 100 surfers from right across Western Australia have benefited from a highly anticipated weekend groundswell, with near perfect winter conditions on offer at

29th June 2015 Guincho Beach in southern Portugal was the location for the event 2 of the Portuguese National Championships held by the Boogie Chicks bodyboarding school an initiative by former world tour bodyboarder Catarina Sousa. From the Coast of Caparica it was Marta

29th June 2015 (TOP Under 18's finalists L-R Lizzie Stokely, Into Callaghan, Ashley Mudford, Bella Goward photo by Surfing TAS) HIF Junior State Championship Series for 2015 was held over the weekend in wonderful warm East Coast winter sunshine and great small

28th June 2015 (TOP Ariane Ochoa photo by WSL / Damien Poullenot) European Junior Qualifying Series have descended upon Praia de Baia, Espinho, Portugal this week for the Prozis Pro Junior Espinho this week. The Portuguese coastline presented 2-4 foot swell for the girls of

Jordie 'Magic' Mercer has been working harder than ever to prepare her mind and body for the 2015 Molokai to Oahu 42 kilometre World Paddleboard Championships on 26th July. This is not just your run of the mill distance race, it's

23rd June 2015 (TOP - Ellie Turner in the finals by Surfing Great Britain) Croyde Bay, Devon on the surf coast of England was alive on the weekend with the 2015 Rip Curl Grom Search at Goldcoast Oceanfest. There were varied conditions over the

31st LOGGERHEADS MALIBU CLASSIC Location: Scotts Head, NSW Dates: Friday 17th, Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th July 2015   (TOP PHOTO // Lara Murphy takes off on a monster at the 2014 event, by Howard Marzan) The Loggerheads Malibu Classic has now been staged 30

24th June 2015 (TOP Caroline Marks photo by Tom Carey for Volcom) It would seem that Caroline Marks is nearly untouchable with a series of first places on the international stage in just a few weeks. Today 13 year old Caroline won the

23rd June 2015 (TOP Event #1 Finalists photo by Science Bodyboards Hawaii) The bodyboard girls of Hawaii convened at the Ala Moana Bowls on Oahu over the weekend with a decent 5-6 foot swell. The IBA's Hawaiian Tour were stoked to hold

A 10 kilometre Paddling mission was taken on by 6 super groms on International Surf Day, Saturday 20th June, from Snapper Rocks to Laceys, Palm Beach in support of a Gold Coast World Surfing Reserve. Competitive surfers Pacha Light 14, and Kiani

23rd June 2015 Over the weekend some of the best bodyboarders in Australia made their way to Mystics, a mighty wedging wave just north of Kiama on the NSW south coast. (Check out the clip below) It was great to see some

22nd June 2015 (TOP Caroline Marks photo by Surfing America) The USA regional champions gathered at Trestles over the last week to take on the world famous waves in order to gain a spot on the 2015/2016 Surfing America USA Surf Team. (See also

21st June 2015 Lydie Soulé is the new Champion of the French Surf Masters over 35s event held this weekend at Bidart, south of Biarritz. Congratulations to the ladies who surfed in some pleasant 2-3 foot conditions with an off-shore breeze. Lyndie displayed

21st June 2015 (TOP Isabella Nichols photo by Surfing Queensland / Cory Roberts) The rivalry between Queensland’s best surfers continued today during the finals of the HIF Women’s Masters Series presented by World Surfaris. A second place finish in today’s Open Women’s final was enough for