Alexandra Rinder , the current APB Women's World Champion headed to Hawaii last month despite the cancellation of the Pipeline event on the North Shore. Showing remarkable surfing maturity and confidence the young champion took on some of the biggest and most

Mermaids come from every corner of the depths of ocean on planet Earth. There are some out there working hard to spread the spirit of riding waves amongst girls, and even in some of the coldest oceans you'll find some

27th April 2015 Guest Contributor Mason Schremmer The Hawaii Surfing Association State Championships was held over 3 days last week at the Ala Moana Bowl's surf break on the South Shore of Oahu. Kids from the other islands came to the contest to be in

(Top photo - Tessa surfing on the set of Home & Away photo by BANJO) Tessa De Josselin is a softly spoken and lightly trodden natural footer with the world's most playful smile and Everest scale ambitions for her life as a girl of

I've grown up my whole life on and off fins. Every single pair I've used have either cut up all around my ankles or filled up with water and been really uncomfortable. I was even nervous about trying a new

22nd April 2015 In what was one of the greatest predicted forecasts in memory for the Women's World Championship Tour, Margaret River in South Western Australia didn't disappoint with it's remarkable Indian Ocean bringing in and holding some phenomenal banks for

19th April 2015 (Top photo by Cory Roberts) Over the weekend one of Queensland's best family surf festivals took place at Agnes Waters. It was great to see the girls as young as 8 out in the water having a great time

19th April 2015 The Tokyo Niijima Habushiura coast on Niijima Island was the spectacular venue for the first event of the Japanese Bodyboard Association Pro Tour for 2015, the Niijima Pro. Japanese bodyboard powerhouse Sari Ohhara said of the conditions "The waves were pretty

18th April 2015 Round 1 of the HIF Victorian Longboard Titles has been completed in absolutely perfect 2-3ft waves Point Impossible with former State Champion Molly Powell (Anglesea) taking out the Open Women’s divisions. Open women's winner Molly Powell said "The conditions were