28th February 2015 On the welcoming day the girls of the 2015 Roxy Pro absolutely went to town on the Snapper Rocks line up. Although the swell dropped in size there was no lack in performance from the girls who nailed

On a grey day at Clifton Beach in Tasmania, super frothed Brooke Mason joined the kids in an amazing day of uncovering new talent and celebrating youth surfing in the Apple Aisle. It was the final event stop as part

(Top Photo Bronte Macaulay in the Finals of the Roxy Pro Trials today by Will Hayden-Smith/WSL) 27th February 2015 Probably one of the biggest wins of Margaret River girl Bronte Macaulay's life today as she defeated Kobie Enright to win her wild

We Rise Together is a short film that celebrates the independent voices of women's surfing and adventurous living.  The story is based in Southern California and focuses on Eveline Van Brande, Taylor Nelson and Anna Ehrgott during a 2 day

26th February 2015 That's right, last night the very best surfers in the world converged to the Gold Coast ahead of the Roxy Pro to recognise the brilliance that was women's surfing in 2014. The girls took the occasion to dress

(Top photo of Bonnie by Shaun Tuncliffe) 25th February 2015 Since it's inception into the world of soap operas in 1998, Home and Away has portrayed a laid back, iconic Aussie lifestyle and endless Summer in Summer Bay (or Palm Beach NSW, Australia).

You wish you were Jazmine Dean! Firstly because she makes surfing every single board look like the most fun in the world. Secondly because she can surf every board in the world Thirdly because she's good at it. JUST CHECK OUT THE CLIP: A

16 year old Rachael Tilly had a big year in 2014 representing her country at the International Surfing Longboard event and winning a silver medal, competing in the World Longboard Championships in China and taking out a number of other

Jessi Miley-Dyer entered the World Championship Tour as a surfer in 2006 but is now representing Women's Surfing as the World Surf League Commissioner. We caught up with her at The Australian Open last week to find out just what

22nd February 2015 Middleton, South Australia was the location for over 50 frothing grommets the 9th event of the Wahu Surfer Groms Comp. In 2-3 foot conditions the kids enjoyed hot weather and blue skies. The under 8 mixed division with parent

22nd February 2015 (top photo Ellie Brooks Wins Surfest 2015 photo by Surfest) The Surfest finals day saw hundreds of Newcastle’s surf fans braving the rain, wind and weather to watch some of the world’s best surfers putting on a show. It

WITH LAURA GONZALES Laura is a qualified Yoga teacher, read more about her in her profile.   TREE POSE (VRKSASANA) HOW TO GET INTO THE POSE: From standing, firm through your left leg and bring the right sole of your foot to your ankle, calf,

19th February 2015 2015 will be a good year for women's bodyboarding world wide

Jenna Harrod grew up on the Central Coast spending most of her time lifeguarding, training to be an ironwoman and surfing. After moving to Sydney to pursue her professional career she needed a new physical challenge to keep her fit so she  began

17th February 2015  The famous Manly Surf School has branched out recently to provide surfers with the opportunity to develop their skills and strength out of the water by building a surf specific cross training facility in Cromer, north of Sydney.

The Subway Summer Surf Series crowned their South Australian champions on a scorching hot summer's day in fun two to 3 foot surf at Middleton Beach yesterday. Australia's newest junior surfing series saw competitors from right across the State enjoy the