2015 Salt Life WSA Championship Event 2

2015 Salt Life WSA Championship Event 2


Report by Liv Stokes

Stop #2 on the Salt Life WSA Championship Tour was held September 19-20 at Surfer’s Point in Ventura, California. The two day contest had great conditions, with sunny days and 2 foot waves. Conditions on both days were for the most part clean, with light winds, and corners easily found. The level of competition was, as always, extremely high, with many of the shortboard competitors being a part of the Surfing America Prime series.

Bella Kenworthy, who won both U12 and U10, said on her Instagram page, “The best way to end a fun trip to Ventura—with double wins!” Congratulations to all of the girls!

Western Surfing Association / McDaniel

Western Surfing Association / McDaniel


WSA Ventura Results

Girls U18 Longboard

  1. Soleil Errico
  2. Rachael Tilly
  3. Liv Stokes
  4. Bianca Dootson
  5. Hana McEvilly
  6. Betsy Lee

Girls U14 Longboard

  1. Brooke Carlson
  2. Lucana Hirschfield
  3. Claire Stokes

Open Women’s Longboard

  1. Keilli McEvilly
  2. Rika Hoshimoto
  3. Soleil Errico
  4. Brooke Carlson
  5. Isabella Gilchrist
  6. Niki Katz

Open Womens Shortboard

  1. Jordyn Barratt
  2. Maya Saulino
  3. Maile Davis
  4. Sierra Garcia
  5. Riley Cabaner
  6. Drew Belle Schonert

Women 18 and Older

  1. Michelle Watson
  2. Sasha Natalie
  3. Riley Cabanero
  4. Rachel Breitner

U18 Shortboard

  1. Maya Saulino
  2. Kiersten Noonan
  3. Joceline Marchand
  4. Coral McDuffee
  5. Claire Loughlin
  6. Jordyn Barratt

U16 Shortboard

  1. Chiasa Maruyama
  2. Coral McDuffee
  3. Kiersten Noonan
  4. Jayme Linnes
  5. Peyton Slater
  6. Kalohelani Danbara

U14 Shortboard

  1. Ella McCaffray
  2. Makena Burke
  3. Bryce Ava Wettstein
  4. Olivia Pessanha
  5. Kalohelani Danbara
  6. Jenna Clark

U12 Shortboard

  1. Bella Kenworthy
  2. Caitlin Simmers
  3. Sawyer Lindblad
  4. Jenna Clark
  5. Ryann Daly
  6. Lilie Kubler


  1. Bella Kenworthy
  2. Addie McPhillips
  3. Ezra McPhillips
  4. Ryan Calupnik
  5. Malia Callahan
  6. Helena Graney
Western Surfing Association / McDaniel

Western Surfing Association / McDaniel

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