2015 French Longboard and SUP Cup Event 2 at Lacanau

18th May 2015

(TOP photo the Longboard finalists on the podium)

The 2nd event of the French Cup for Longboarding and SUP took place at Lacanau, just outside of Bordeaux.

With conditions over 2 metres and gnarly onshore winds the women’s events were held over from Saturday to Sunday where the swell and winds eased to allow for a more constant competition. As the tide moved throughout the day a shore break formed making it tricky for the girls in the long boarding division with not much opportunity to pull off traditional manoeuvres.

5 girls made it through to the final of the longboarding, but we were only 3 to go to the peaks the conditions were very difficult. Poéti Norac was the only surfer to pick out a suitable set wave to catch but with the straight waves she said it was hard to move the board around and only managed to post a 4 point ride as her highest with a small top turn and re-entry.

Poéti said “I’m very happy to have won the 2 round of the Coupe de France that took place this weekend in very difficult conditions. Thanks to the Lacanau Surf Club for organising the event.”

In the SUP divisions the girls found it easier to move around the waves and the close-out sections with the shorter boards. It was great to see Lydie Soule make the most of the fast sections with critical manoeuvres to take the win in the event.

Round 3 will take place at Capbreton (6th/7th, june) It is an event reserved exclusively for girls and is a popular one in the round. Poéti said she is looking forward to it and is hoping they are lucky with a good swell for the event.

Final Longboard Results

1st. Poéti Norac
2nd. Pauline Mortamet
3rd. Lisa Pajot
4th. Lola Coulon

Final SUP Results

1st. Lydie Soulé
2nd. Nolwen Surrault
3rd. Sophie Degas
4th. Lola Coulon

SUP finalists on the podium

SUP finalists on the podium

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