2015 Bede Durbidge Fox Grom Shoot Out at North Stadbroke Island

4th May 2015

(Top photo 11 year old Zahli Kelly Charges the Back Bank photo by Mr. Kelly)

It was a beautiful weekend at North Stradbroke Island, north of the Gold Coast in Queensland. Unlike the rest of the east coast of Australia the waves could not have been more perfect for a surf event yesterday for the kids at the Bede Durbidge Fox Grom Shoot Out.

Zahli Kelly spoke to us about the condition and set up of the banks saying “There’s a really deep sand bank that lots of people aren’t used to, the waves break pretty big there and the hold downs can be hard. The bank links into a big gutter that sweeps along the beach into a bay area where you paddle our. Most people chose to surf the shorey because it was the option to get lots more waves with faster moves.”

The 11 year old super grom sensation, Zahli took no time to make her presence felt out in the line up with her extensive big wave experience. With waves hitting the 6 foot mark at the back bank, this incredible surfer girl took off down the faces manoeuvring a number of carves and snaps to nail high scores through her heats to make the final of the Under 14s.

Zahli said after her win “The final was a bit slow out the back there were a couple of sets that passed through that were close-outs. When I picked off a wave I got over the gutter into the shorey where I got in 2 snaps which put me up in 1st place for the rest of the final.”

Zahli Kelly Fox Grom Shoot Out 2015

Zahli Kelly Fox Grom Shoot Out 2015

Piper Harrison also made the choice to surf the back bank where she picked out some great set waves that she got to herself in the early heats. In the Under 16s final she was joined on the back bank by the other girls who chose to take on some of the bigger waves. Zahli said of Piper’s performance “She surfed so well and set the standard for the other girls through the whole event.”

It’s great to see the Pros and Ex-Pros running events for the kids bringing an extra energy and inspiration onto the beach. Zahli said “It was cool to have Bede there commentating and on the beach answering questions, I love the comps run by the pro’s they’re really fun.”

Well done to all the girls who competed in the massive conditions especially the under 16s who all took to the back bank in the finals.

2015 Fox Grom Shoot Out Results

U16s Finals Results
1st – Piper Harrison
2nd – Pacha Luque-Light
3rd – Skye Faddy
4th – Jessie Van Neik
U14s Finals Results
1st – Zahli Kelly
2nd – Raya Campbell
3rd – Carly Shannahan
4th – Lilly O’Sullivan

Zahli Kelly is proudly supported by Billabong, Von Zipper, Emery Surfboards,  Gath Sports

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