2015 Australian Rip Curl Grom Search Final Results

It was so great to be down amongst the amazing vibe of the Australian Rip Curl Grom Search finalists over the last 3 days. Sydney has had it’s usual Summer onshore, small swell for the last month but this week Huey heard the call and delivered 3-4 foot swell for the girls at North Narrabeen beach in Sydney.

The left hand break is world renowned for it’s long hollow rides and the girls got to take advantage of North Narra this week. After reporting on all the state events it was great to see the best of the best turn up and battle it out for their spot as divisional champion in the 12s, 14s and 16s divisions. The 16’s champ is given a ticket to the World Championships to be announced later this year.

In the 12 and Unders it was Cedar Leigh-Jones who linked up section after section all the way to the beach. Her smooth transitions and quick snaps gave her the scores she needed to secure the win over Zahli Kelly, . Cedar said “The final was pretty hard but I managed to grabbed a couple of good waves, my best wave was probably my second because I got a few hits on it and it went right to the shore.” Cedar is from Avalon in Sydney and is supported by Hurley, Channel Island Surfboards, FCS/Gorilla Grip and Amazon Power.

In the 14s the off shore wind hit heavy making the 2-3 foot waves fuller and harder to catch as well as an unexpected flat spell not helping out Bodhi Leigh-Jones and Piper Harrison in their final. Piper dominated the 2-man heat with a strong determination and commitment to get every wave possible to take the win. Piper said after her win… “I’m so excited, I thought Bodhi had it but to get that 6 at the end was the toughest moment of my life. The conditions were hard and inconsistent but if you sat in the right spot one would come, I was pretty excited when that last one came up for me.” Piper is from Gunamatta on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsular and is supported by Roxy, Farking, Live and Trigger Brothers.

Finally the 16s girls was a nail-biting finish with spectacular wave-for-wave competition between Billie Melinz and Jalessa Vincent who put on an great show for the beach goers with some cracking manoeuvres and big scores. Jalessa Vincent, 16 years old from Coolum Beach, Queensland managed to bag the win and her ticket to the World Championships. She said after her win…”I’m stoked to win and to go to the big World event with all the pros! Some of the waves were really fat and the off shore breeze was blowing you off the back so you had to stay right in the pocket, it was a bit tricky but I seemed to pick the right ones in the end. It was great to just have 2 girls out there!” (Jaleesa is supported by Hive Swimwear, Weir Surfboards, Sea Skins and Ocean Performance Centre)

2015 Australian Rip Curl Grom Search Results


  1. Cedar Leigh-Jones
  2. Zahli Kelly
  3. Emma Cattlin
  4. Sage Goldsbury


  1. Piper Harrison
  2. Bodhi Leigh-Jones
  3. India Robinson
  4. Kiara Meredith


1. Jaleesa Vincent
2. Billie Melinz
=3. Kirra-Belle Ollsson
=3. Paris Whittaker

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