2015 Atlantic Games Results from Basque Country

2015 Atlantic Games Results from Basque Country

(TOP – Basque Country’s team captain Ariane Ochoa holds up the team’s winning Cup)


22nd July 2015 – Since their creation in Brittany in 1995, the objective of the Atlantic Games is to gather, every year, for a week of competition, delegations of young athletes coming from all the Atlantic regions of Europe: more than 14 Atlantic countries or regions take part in the Atlantic Games.

  • Ireland
  • Isle of Mann
  • Wales
  • Cornwall
  • Devon
  • Scotland
  • Basse-Normandie
  • Brittany
  • Pays de la Loire
  • Cantabria
  • Basque Country (Euskadi)
  • Asturias
  • Galicia
  • North Portugal
  • Cataluña

In 2015 the waves were 2-4 foot for the girls on the crowded beach of Zarautz in Basque Country, Spain. It was the home team who dominated the results winning every girls surf sports division and the overall point score for the year.

Basque Country champion Ariane Ochoa worked hard for her country and pulled out a number of impressive manoeuvres on and above the lip to lead her to victory in the Under 18’s surfing division.

Maddi Fernandez completed a number of flips and spins in the bodyboard division to defeat opponents Isabel Perez and Rebecca Antia in the final.

Congratulations to all the girls on some outstanding surfing!

Ariane Ochoa and Maddi Fernandez with their individual medals

Ariane Ochoa and Maddi Fernandez with their individual medals


 2015 Atlantic Games Surf Sports Results


Under 16s Surfing

1st – ESP – Maddi AIZPURUA
2nd – ESP – Nadia EROSTARBE
3rd – ESP – Isabel PEREZ


Under 18s Surfing

1st – ESP – Ariane OCHOA
2nd – ESP – Isabel PEREZ
3rd – ESP – Leire FUENTE



1st – ESP – Maddi FERNANDEZ
2nd – ESP – Isabel PEREZ
3rd – ESP – Rebecca ANTIA



1st – FRA – Elise FLEURY
2nd – ESP – Maddi AIZPURUA
3rd – ESP – Ariane OCHOA


SUP Racing

1st – ESP – Cyara PALENZUELA
2nd – ESP – Saioa ORONOZ Saioa
3rd – ESP – Monica CARRASCO


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