2014 World Bodyboard Final Leaderboard

(Story by Emma Cobb & Sally Mac)

The 2014 Professional Bodyboard tour finished on a high and parallel with the SUP World Title the Bodyboard world crowned  it’s youngest ever World Champion at 16 years old.

After a slip in funding towards the end of 2013 some of the girls tour events of the APB (Association of Professional Bodyboarders) were cut but with 3 of the best locations still on the schedule for 2014 we saw the best of the best battle it out. The year started with the Pipeline Pro on Hawaii’s North Shore in February. Australia’s Lilly Pollard took out an epic win and rocketed herself up into 1st place. Unfortunately for Lilly a serious back injury shortly after Pipe prevented her from competing in the next 2 events with a chance to hold her position.

The Antofagasta Bodyboard festival was next up  in Chile in August which saw some average waves but some big results and the rise of Alexandra Rinder who won the event defeating 19 year old Sari Oohara from Japan,  and boosted her tour points up to take the lead.  

The final event of the year and World Title decider was the Sintra Portugal Pro in September where the 2 top Brazillian girls had been red hot all event, Isabela Sousa and Jessica Becker knocked out Sari O’Hara who was hot on their trails to get a top 3 World Tour finish. Isabela ended up with the highest scoring waves of the final and her 3rd place on tour. 


#1 Alexandra Rinder

Alexandra Rinder Photo by Motivación 3

16 year old Alexandra Rinder from the Canary Islands has got a ridiculously infectious energy and drive. Bursting onto the 2014 tour she secured a 2nd place at Pipeline followed by a win at Antofagastra to pretty much secure top points. Although Isabela and Jessica gained maximum points at the final event in Sintra, Lilly’s win at Pipe meant that even with en early exit, Alexandra could take to 2014 title. Alex also took out the European Junior Bodyboard Championships this year and 3rd place at the Riptide Australian Bodyboard Awards in the girls category but in the top 5 against the boys in the Under 20s category. Be prepared to see this pocket rocket’s name more and more as she continues her domination.

#2 Jessica Becker

Jessica Becker

Jessica Becker

Jessica Becker from Brazil, is a mighty tough competitor and a great surfer at the age of 26. It’s really good to see her back on the tour and I’m sure she’ll be back next year with a fire in her belly ready to charge and score big. The pressure going into each heat would have been epic knowing she was so close to the win. Jessica is a really good all rounder in the water, she excels in all conditions which is why she’s found herself in number 2 position this year.  Jessica also came in at #4 on the Australian Bodyboard Awards. 


#3 Isabela Sousa

souf photography - Isabela Sousa

souf photography – Isabela Sousa

24 year old Brazilian Isabela is one of the most consistent surfers in the world, especially in contests. She’s another all round rider that pushes the limits especially in the bigger swells like Pipeline and Chile. She also dominates with fast and complex maneuvers in the small beachy waves of Portugal or Brazil. Isabela took out the Riptide Australian Bodyboard Awards 1st place recently and was commended by Lilly Pollard as an amazing surfer. 



Rank Name Country Pipeline Antofagasta Sintra Total
1 Alexandra Rinder CNY 1548 1400 800 3748
2 Jessica Becker BRZ 1314 854 1376 3544
3 Isabela Soussa BRA 900 1022 1600 3522
4 Sari Ohhara JPN 1098 1204 976 3278
5 Minami Hatekayama JPN 1098 854 976 2928
6 Maylla Venturin BRZ 999 630 976 2605
8 Lilly Pollard AUS 1800 700 2500
9 Lumar Guittard VNZ 720 630 608 1958
10 Andrea Carvalho Dias USA 648 630 640 1918
7 Ayaka Susuki JPN 810 854 1664


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