2014 Loggerheads Competition Results


Written by Emma-Jane Eeles

Driving up to Scotts Head for the annual Loggerheads Malibu Classic is always a delight, this year even more so as it was the 30th Anniversary. Competitors, their family and friends and the local community converge at the point every July for 3 days of fun, friends, family and waves. Smiles are exchanged, old friendships rekindled, new friendships forged and plenty of waves are shared over the weekend.

This year as I wake up on the first day of competition down the coast somewhere I am greeted by sunny skies and a light offshore wind. I know it is going to be a rad weekend. My first stop on the roadtrip is Grassy Head, just south of Scotts Head.

The swell is small and perfect little right handers peel gently over the sandbar. After a few hours of getting salty I head the final 10kms into Scotts and as I pull up in the carpark I am greeted by the smiling faces of Kerrie Swan and her friend Lyn who are hosting a sale of their ocean and surf inspired artwork for Little Black Swan in support of the Loggerheads. After catching up and sharing sea stories the late afternoon is shared with friends watching the sunset over the mountains from the point as a lone seal plays in the water below.

Lara Murphy hangs 5 on her Bennett Board photo Bernadette Murphy

Lara Murphy hangs5 on her Bennett Board photo Bernadette Murphy

Day 2 (Friday) of the Malibu Classic is being held down at the 4 wheel drive track, further down the beach due to a lack of swell and as I arrive for my heat in the open ladies glassy 1-2 foot peelers beckon me. Both the open and senior ladies events are being held back to back and the banter between the women is light and friendly. Boards from the earlier heats line the sand as the ladies paddle out into the lineup.

The first and second heats in both the open and senior ladies are close with favourites Sally Paxton and Lisa Nicholson both making it through to the final by making it look easy to perch on the nose. Twins Lara and Bernadette Murphy also make it through to the Open Ladies final set for Sunday morning. Day 2 is wrapped up in the late afternoon and a large crowd heads for the local ‘Bowlo’ for the competitors raffle and board draw and some Friday night shenanigans.

Day 3 and the much anticipated swell spike of 5 metres still hasn’t hit but the wind is charging in from the south. It’s a lay day for the ladies until the final so the day is spent for most rugged up watching the comp with a hot chocolate and friends or free surfing on the back beaches. Sunday morning arrives and it sure looks like the swell has too with a howling southerly wind right behind it.

The point is pumping offshore with 6 foot plus sets. The ladies finals are being held mid morning and as the girls paddle out there is a jetski floating off to the side. The take offs are hairy and in the open ladies only 2 manage to get waves. It is a hot contention between Sydney’s Lara Murphy and local Scotts Head shredder Kirra Perry with both girls scoring some bigger sets from behind the point.

Lara Murphy takes off on a monster Photo by Howard Marzan

Lara Murphy taking off on a monster Photo by Howard Marzan

The Senior Ladies final looks close with both Kezley Guy, Sue Bursford and Lisa Nicholson scoring some sweet rides. As each of the ladies exits the water there are smiles and stoke aplenty with anticipation of who has won. That afternoon the results are in and both finals are won by local ladies with Kirra Perry taking out the Open Ladies and Kezley Guy the Senior Ladies.

A well deserved win for both. As the presentation ends all the ladies congratulate each other and look forward to next years event.


  1. Kezley Guy
  2. Sue Bursford
  3. Maz Pentecost


  1. Kirra Perry
  2. Lara Murphy
  3. Bernadette Murphy

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