12 Year Old Samantha Sibley Cleans Up at NSSA Huntington Beach

The kids are taking over I tell ya!

Meet Samantha Sibley, she’s 12 years old and just destroyed her competition at the NSSA National Scholastic Surf Association USA Explorer Championship at Huntington Beach in California (CHECK OUT OUR 2015 SCHEDULE TO SEE ALL EVENT DATES)and towed home with her these 4 massive trophies! (hope she had a spare trailer!)

Samantha Sibley

Photo by Kurt Steinmetz

On a clear day with waves well into the 4 to 6 foot range on Saturday 17th and 2 to 3 foot on Sunday 18th January the kids of California took to the conditions like true mermaids. Samantha said “Huntington Beach Pier is a really fun, rippable wave with lots of steep sections. The tides over the 2 days were pretty extreme but made for some good banks it was a 5 foot high tide and a negative -1.8 low so it kept us on our toes. There was also no wind so the conditions were really smooth and it allowed everyone to surf to their full potential.”

The Hurley US Open of Surf is held yearly at Huntington beach and is one of the central surf scenes on the Californian surf coast. Samantha says of HB “Huntington has such a cool vibe to it. It is a massive tourist destination so there is a real mix of cultures and people around especially walking up and down the pier above where the events are held.”

Being Winter, even though the sunshine was out the water temperature was still only hitting 62 Fahrenheit (16 celcius) so definitely wetsuit weather. Samantha said she was hanging out in her Billabong 403 so was toasty and warm ready to take down the competition.

Competitng in both the Girls Under 14s and Women’s Under 18s Samantha went into the water with her 2015 goals of winning both an NSSA Conference Title and Regional Title. She certainly held her own by posting a number of high scoring waves early on with long, smooth and connected sections. She said “In all my finals I had the 2 highest wave scores (8.5 and 7) I just tried to stick to the outside Pier bowl lefts and surfed them as best I could. I did a series of front-hand turns tight in the pocket on each of my waves that got me the good scores I needed to secure my win.”

Previous to the NSSA event Samantha has won 4 events but says this was the most special, being able to back up both days and take home wins in both entered divisions. Such a great achievement for a 12 year-old to be holding her own and committing to big, powerful and committed manoeuvres against the 14s and 18’s divisions. Inspired by her parents Samantha says she tries to do her very best and push herself every day. “My parents are really encouraging and supportive and without them I could never achieve my goals and dreams.”

Samantha is proudly supported by Surface Sun Systems, Pualani Hawaii, Jacks Surf Shop, Byrne Surfboards, Foundation Fitness


Samantha Sibley photo by Kurt Steinmetz

Samantha Sibley photo by Kurt Steinmetz


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